According to the figures on your front page (January 11), recent week’s COVID-19 infection total for the highly vaxxed Bass Coast was 622 cases. This figure exceeded the more populous shires of East Gippsland, Baw Baw and Wellington and for rates per head of population, was over double that of South Gippsland and Latrobe City.

Are the high vax rates working in reverse or are there other factors influencing this imbalance? Be interesting to hear.

Fortunately, as mentioned in your editorial, “this latest variant produces mostly mild reactions” and too on page 4, chief medical officer Paul Kelly says “for the vast majority of children the Omicron variant it’s a very, very mild disease…”.

And the case for getting vaxxed is?

Name and address supplied.

Editor: It’s a common question, ‘Why are fully vaccinated people getting infected with COVID-19?’ Professor Robert Booy, a vaccine expert at the University of Sydney, told newsGP: “The immune response to vaccines is strong, but the vaccines are not sterilising, they don’t completely prevent infection. [Being fully vaccinated] gives you moderate protection against infections that are milder, like a cold, and against transmission to another person. But it gives you very strong protection against hospitalisation and death.”