BASS Coast Shire Council is unwilling to budge on the location of five one-hour parking spaces despite safety concerns raised by San Remo Fisherman’s Co-Op manager Paul Mannix.

The five spaces chosen are near the co-op’s staff entrance and have always been used for staff parking.

“It’s not safe at night; three quarters of our hospitality staff are female and they want to get into their cars quickly and don’t want to walk across a dark car park close to a pub,” Mr Mannix said.

The spots are also ideally situated for taking stock in and out, the co-op manager noted.

While the spaces concerned were never officially designated as staff parking, staff members usually arrived early enough to claim them and there was previously no time limit applicable.

Mr Mannix was not opposed to the idea of council introducing some one-hour parking spots near the co-op’s fish and chip and seafood business.

He was happy to have those time-limited parking spaces near the customer entrance, for those popping in for takeaway or a quick bite: “They asked for my feedback, I gave them my feedback and then they put the signs up one week later.”

He believes that looking at a Google map could create the impression that the staff entrance is the main entrance to the building and that may explain why restrictions were implemented there.

Bass Coast Shire Council was asked if it was giving consideration to changing the location of the one-hour parking spots.

“Council understands the changes to parking restrictions will take some time to adjust to and will continue to assist businesses and the community with the transition,” a spokesperson said.