In regard to your current articles on beach erosion, San Remo Back Beach had similar problem about 15 years ago.

In those days, there were local committees dealing with local and state governments.

The local committee was successful in getting the state government department to fund a walk to be built from near San Remo pier area to then end of the caravan park near Griffiths Point Road. The walk was built in two stages with a walking path on top so you could do a coastal walk at high tide.

Thousands have walked it over the years, but things changed and gradually sand returned to the beach areas and natural grasses returned.

Today, the people have a beach to walk on every day and can be enjoyed by walkers and families. The wall and steps have just about disappeared under the sand. The only area where you can see the original height of the wall is as you get close to Fisherman’s Co-Op. The experience at San Remo is something that should be copied in other areas where erosion is occurring.

There is a solution: it costs money but it worked.

Sadly, the community committees no longer exist as state government wound them up but without local input this solution would never have happened.

Chris Day, San Remo.