GIPPSLAND has been ranked no. 17 in the 100 most loved destinations around the world.

Tourism Sentiment Index conducted an intensive study of its data – more than 1.6 billion online conversations and content pieces publicly available about 21,330 global destinations – to identify the 100 Most Loved Destinations.

This is the first time that destinations around the world have been ranked to uncover those that are most loved.

Being named in the rankings means Gippsland has earned the love and an impressive Tourism Sentiment Score during one of the toughest years the tourism industry has faced.

“As a visitor destination, Gippsland offers the perfect mix of world-class, nature-based and outdoor experiences supported by a growing food and drink offering and tourism operators who are really invested in ensuring the guests enjoy their stay,” Destination Gippsland CEO Terry Robinson said.

“To rank so highly on a global scale is really a credit to Gippsland’s tourism industry, who have gone above and beyond during these difficult times to ensure the best experience for visitors.

“Destination Gippsland initiatives such as the Visit Gippsland website, Eat Drink Gippsland guide and marketing promotions throughout the year play a part in attracting visitors – but it is the fantastic customer service of our industry that keeps them coming back.”

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