VISITORS to the recent Koonwarra Farmers Market had the opportunity to add a burst of flavour to their meals with Graham Dowling’s locally-produced garlic.

Graham, of Berrys Creek, has been growing garlic since 1990 and has found a couple of varieties he favours.

“I’ve got Russian garlic and purple garlic,” Graham said.

He had a young assistant on hand at the New Year’s Day market, with grandson Liam Smith down from Brisbane for a family visit.

Graham usually plants around Anzac Day but said the timing doesn’t have to be that exact.

Modern technology doesn’t play a part in harvesting the crop, with a shovel sufficing.

Harvest time normally arrives in November.

If there’s a lot of rain expected, harvesting needs to be completed more quickly to prevent the risk of the crop rotting.

“Last year it was that dry it didn’t matter,” Graham said.