BACK in pre-COVID 2019, Prom Coast Arts (PCA) presented what was to be the first in a series of biennial landscape exhibitions.

Rather than dwell on the conventional, this first exhibition held the suggestive title of Lost Landscape.

Some 80 works found their way to Stockyard Gallery with Rod Vawden’s ‘denyal’ taking out the $1000 first prize.

It was a wonderful event that drew in not only a diverse group of artists but also the community who embraced a celebration and fresh take on what surrounds us.

With seed funding from the disbanded PCA, it was planned that Stockyard Gallery would run the subsequent event this year, but pandemics don’t play fair.

Taking a deep breath, the gallery is putting a call out to artists – young, old, professional and amateur – to exhibit in this second in the series.
Landscape Interrupted will exhibit in March 2022.

The title is deliberately ambiguous and aims to encourage entrants to explore and depict the many forms an ‘interrupted landscape’ might take.

An obvious response might be to the pandemic where everything has been disrupted.

However, some may tackle ideas related to a fleeting moment, fire, flood, cultural appropriation, agricultural disturbances, changes brought by land use and perhaps even the impact of colonisation. There’s no wrong or right way to approach this.

South Gippsland and the Prom Coast in particular are home to many accomplished and fledgling artists who gain inspiration from the scenery that surrounds us. What do they perceive as interrupted and how could this be interpreted in their unique ways? We wait with bated breath.

Prizes include a $1000 first prize and $100 prizes each for the mediums of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and sculpture. A $100 prize will be awarded at the end of the exhibition for People’s Choice.

This exhibition is open to any artist living and working in Australia. Conditions of entry and hard copy entry forms are available from the usual suspects, including the gallery. Alternately, email the gallery for an electronic copy at Entries close February 25, 2022.