As members of two RV clubs, we are well aware of the image of Bass Coast LGA being very RV unfriendly.

Both of the clubs hold monthly outings staying at local community venues (community halls, rec reserves, scout halls, bowling clubs, etc.) in Gippsland, but Bass Coast LGA does not allow community venues to be used for short stays thus denying them a revenue source.

As a club we never stay at caravan parks, most members are retired and staying at a commercial caravan park is not an option. We support the local community and retailers and believe the benefit far out ways any perceived loss to commercial caravan parks.

Personally, when we travel we stay at caravan parks at our destination; on the road to our destination we look for overnight stops that are low cost and avoid towns that only have caravan parks. Many regional LGAs recognise the benefits of low-cost short stays to the local businesses and provide free or low-cost overnight stops.

I strongly support allowing Dalyston Recreation Reserve (and other community venues) be allowed to allow short stays for recreation vehicles.

Mervyn Trott, Inverloch.