An open letter to the Victorian Premier and Australian Prime Minister

Cancer treatment is simply not elective surgery.

There are few of us who have not been touched by cancer in some way or other – melanoma, breast, prostate, and ovarian or any of the many other types of cancers.

Time is of the essence in cancer treatment.

Last year, cancer treatments were called “elective surgery” and cancelled in response to the impact on public hospitals of the COVID-19 Delta strain.

Cancer treatment is still being called “elective surgery” and cancer sufferers everywhere, again, will have their treatments cancelled as the Omicron variant overwhelms public hospitals.

Please make a deal with private hospitals and private surgeons to take up the public cancer treatment load.
Please stand up for cancer sufferers everywhere.

Cancer treatment must be classified as essential and time critical, not elective surgery.

Rosemary Cousin, Allambee South.