By Nick Sinis

A COMPLEX fiasco between South Gippsland Shire and the owners of a dog called ‘Walter’ appears to be heading for court.
The saga began after Walter was seized by shire authorities.
According to a petition launched on by Warren Peart, Walter was taken away after the shire had received a complaint.
The owners claim they have been unable to see Walter for more than 40 days.
The petition has garnered significant attention, receiving more than 26,000 signatures of support (as of March 23), and aims to reach 35,000.
With a court case now set for June, the petition also calls for Walter to be released until then.
In response to the Sentinel-Times, a shire spokesperson stated that Walter was involved in an alleged dog attack, requiring council to investigate.
“He was seized by our Local Laws team as there were concerns about community safety as Walter had already been involved in two other proven attacks,” the spokesperson said.
However, this has been disputed by the owner, who told the Daily Mail there had been only once incident when Walter was a puppy; and the most recent incident was when Walter “nipped” someone, in response to an incident.
“Walter is currently being cared for by an animal welfare organisation and will remain with them until the court case has concluded,” the shire spokesperson said.
“He has access to food and water and he is being exercised daily.”
The spokesperson confirmed a court date is set and a magistrate “will consider all testimony as well as previous instances of aggression”.
“From here, an appropriate course of action will be determined.
“No decision will be made until the court case has been concluded and there are a number of outcomes that are possible.
“Council has been in contact with the owners throughout the process and they have been advised of the court date and have a copy of all information pertaining to the case.”