MULTI-AWARD-WINNING performer Chris Gregory (otherwise affectionately known as Christof) played artist in residence to Bass Coast College’s year 8 and 9 students across three days in late March.

“It’s an exciting time to come back with four decades’ experience and give a little bit of joy and spark (in the classroom),” Christof explained.

“Theatre is a discipline.

“It’s about the distance travelled from start to end.

“In arts, never judge what someone is doing – we appreciate where they’ve come from, where they are at and where they are going.”

As explained by Bass Coast College’s drama teacher, Emily Mitchell, a teacher’s biggest fear is dousing the spark in a student.

“I want students to feel they are in a safe space – a place where good things happen – to have a voice, ideas.”

The joy of creativity and an increase in content, in particular short-form videos, means it has never been a better time for students to explore their potential.

An expert in improv, Christof explained the process of overcoming blocks could also change people’s lives.

“Drama is a safe space. It’s confidence-building. It’s allowing individuals to come up with their own solutions – problem-solving.

“Improv is one of the drama units,” Emily added.

“We knew a talented expert in the field, and with limited access to outside performances, we wanted the students to experience ‘an artist in residence’.”

A great professional development tool, and after many years locked down due to COVID, students are starting to feel the joy again.

“This could be a renaissance!” Christof beamed.