Division 3 premiers, Wonthaggi, back, Rob Dennis, Rob Allan, Chris Miller, Allan Ireland, Tony Marotta, John Paterno; front, Kathy Simpson, Aldo Sartori, Mary McBain and Ray Hin.

Division 2 premiers, Mirboo North, back, Josh Taylor, Karl Loh, Andrew Soplokow, P Lewis, Luke Oddy, Jake Oddy; front, Tom Whitelaw, Brent Harriage, Jake Oddy and Luke Gervasi.

Division 1 champions, Phillip Island, from left, back row, Pam Cameron, Jan Stubbs, Robyn Dennis, Polly Major, Jan Dyer, Richard Poole, Brian Arnold; front row, Gwenda Arnold, Sandra Read, Pat Davis, Lois May, Lynne Thomas, Di Pollock and Marilyn Forrest. C06_1322

Division 5 premiers, Wonthaggi, from left, back, Hans Bischofberger, Robert Shaw and Colin Binch; middle row, Toney Toler, Ken Gage, Frank Tagell, Sue Parker and George Stein; front row, Ken Webb, Denise Silver, Rae Haines and Dot Stein. C40_1322

Division 3 champions, Port Welshpool, from left, back row, Margaret McDonald, Belinda Crawford, Jim Nicholson, Matt Gallagher and Stephen Green; front row, Angela Tisler, Anne Collins, Denise Richardson and Trevor Vening. C04_1322

Division 2 champions, Foster, from left, back row, Ian Park, Peter Williams, Mark Taylor, Malcolm Ellis, May Climas, Phil Facey and Nancy Parry; front row, Maureen Taylor, Jenny Roffey, Noleen McGlead, Rosa Raiti and Gwen Facey. C02_1322

Division 4 premiers, Phillip Island, from left, back, Jim Murray, Norm Waters, Jan Dyer, Dave Hoffman, Paul Bean, Greg Dixon and George Mol; front, Ian Diss, Serge Castel, Phyllis Major, Lino Micallef, Bob Carter and Mario Micallef. C41_1322

LEONGATHA defeated Wonthaggi in the Saturday Pennant grand final at Inverloch Bowling Club, held at the weekend.

Leongatha 14-78 defeated Wonthaggi 2-65.

In Division 2, held at Wonthaggi, Mirboo North 12-74 defeated Toora 4-70.

In Division 3, also held at the Wonthaggi green, Wonthaggi (2) 14-73 defeated Wonthaggi (3) 2-70.

In Division 4, held at Inverloch, Phillip Island (4) 16-80 defeated Port Welshpool 0-54.

And in Division 5, also held at Inverloch, Wonthaggi (4) 15-70 defeated Phillip Island (5) 1-57.

Whilst there were a couple of expected results, there was still plenty of excitement in a few of the divisions.

The Division 1 teams had been fairly level through the season; it was not unexpected to see the Leongatha team come out on top in the grand final.

Divisions 2 and 3, both games which were played at Wonthaggi Bowls Club, saw each game tied at the end of the regulation 25 ends. This meant that each of the three rinks had to play an extra end.

Whilst the Division 2 game was decided following the extra end, the Division 3 game saw scores still tied after one extra end, which meant a further extra end was needed to finally see the Wonthaggi (2) side come out on top, winning by three shots.

Division 4 saw the Phillip Island (4) side have an easy win by 26 shots, with a boil over in Division 5 saw Wonthaggi (4) easily account for Phillip Island (5) who had been very strong all season and take out the title by 13 shots.

That completes the Pennant bowls reports for season 2021-2022, with the new season hopefully commencing back in its normal slot of the second week in October.

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