The Bass Coast bus service is far too infrequent.

In a stretched out locality to only have four times in a day where one can get to the regional towns makes any journey far too infrequent to be used.
For example, I live in Wonthaggi. I would like to visit a friend on Phillip Island but I have a school-aged child and so can only be away during the six hours they are at school.

Based on the current schedule, I can only leave for Cowes from Wonthaggi at 10.43am. This would have me arrive in Cowes at 11.42am. And now, I must board the return bus at 12.19pm to arrive in Wonthaggi by 1.14pm. In total, I have spent two hours on the bus for a total time visiting my friend is 37 minutes. I will not be using this service.

For example, I live in Cowes. I volunteer in Wonthaggi. As the opening hours are from 11am-3pm, I must leave Cowes at 9am arriving in Wonthaggi at 10.32am. I then must remain in Wonthaggi due to the current bus schedule until 5.44pm where I will arrive back in Cowes at 6.36pm. This is an unreasonable amount of time to be waiting for a bus service for each shift. I will not be using this service.

For example, I live in Wonthaggi and work in San Remo. Due to the bus service, I could not accept shifts before 7.30am. Standard shifts generally require staff to begin at 6am. So, I am rostered on for an 8am start. I leave Wonthaggi at 6.34 arriving in San Remo at 7.04. So my shift runs from 8am-2pm. I then wait until the only bus arrives at 4.44pm arriving in Wonthaggi at 5.14pm. I too will not be using the bus service.

I hope these three examples help you understand why an infrequent bus timetable causes people to opt for more reliable transportation around the Bass Coast.

But I truly hope this could change as I would love to use the bus service for transportation but I don’t want to forced into a day trip just to visit my local places like the library, the doctor or work!

I need a reliable, regular service as do so, so many people who are currently forced to use expensive services or use their own cars unnecessarily. How much better for the environment, for people’s wellbeing and health and local connectivity if we could just have a bus service that works for our needs!

Tara Harkness.