A PETITION calling for immediate traffic calming measures in Surf Beach and Sunderland Bay estates on Phillip Island was further debated at council’s March meeting.

The petition was originally submitted at the shire’s July meeting last year, which contained 87 signatures.

It stated: “We, the undersigned, are property owners at Surf Beach and Sunderland Bay on Phillip Island.

“We are calling upon the council to take immediate action to install traffic calming measures such as temporary speed bumps on Batman Avenue and The Esplanade where sealants have been removed, resulting in increased levels of dust.

“Sealant has now been removed from Zephyr Street through to Glen Street on The Esplanade.

“These roads carry vehicles which often travel at speed. Speed signs have no impact.”

According to a council report from their recent meeting, a signage trial was initiated for the estates.

This saw 32 dust and pedestrian temporary warning signs installed in January this year. The signage is intended to remain in place until after the Easter holiday period.

“Council will receive a future report on the effectiveness of this trial and the treatments may be used again in the future or expanded to other areas if successful,” a council report stated.

The shire also considered installing speed humps and spoon drains. However, it was determined that the treatments would need to be installed at 50 to 150 metre intervals on Batman Street and The Esplanade to be effective.

“The treatments were estimated to cost approximately $7000 per treatment,” council reported. “The Esplanade and Batman Street are 3km in length and would require approximately 20 treatments, placing the overall cost at $140,000.”

This measure was not recommended as they may be removed in future should a potential special charge scheme at the estates commence, which council approved to the progress to the next stage at their recent meeting. Ultimately, councillors voted in favour to continue the temporary traffic calming signage; conduct a study to determine future management and treatment options for the interim treatment of the shire’s unsealed urban road network; and continue to upgrade its road network in accordance with the Urban Roads and Drainage Improvement Policy 2019.