Ten-year-old backstroke winners: Noah McMillan 4th, Rex Brocklesby 1st and Archie Smyth 2nd.

Twelve-year-old gold medal winners Claudia Croatto (breaststroke) and Miah Roberts (backstroke) celebrate their wins.

Saturday afternoon semi-finalists.

THE swimmers who stormed home to finish top 8 in Sale a month ago finally had their chance to compete in the finals at Melbourne Sports Centres – MSAC over the weekend of March 19 and 20 at Country All Juniors.

It can be rather daunting for the young swimmers, used to training in the 25m pools at Leongatha and Wonthaggi, to be at the outdoor 50m pool at MSAC, with the blocks, large stands and big screens.

But the South Gippsland Bass (SGB) crew took it in their stride, waving to the crowd when introduced to the crowd in the finals.

On Saturday, March 19, 37 swimmers aged 8-16 dove in for 113 events. And 21 of those headed through to the finals on Sunday, with the team coming home with 14 medals, including five gold, six silver, three bronze, a stack of PBs and some great memories.

For so many of the young swimmers, just starting out and having the honour of swimming at a big event like this is half of the fun, as well as seeing your results on the big screen and with family in the stands and others at home watching the event online.

Under the guidance of their coaches and the older swimmers, they learnt so much from the event. It was wonderful to watch the older swimmers helping the younger ones, knowing it was once them so nervous on the sidelines.

For many, it will be the last meet for a few months with many looking forward to a well-deserved rest before firing up for next summer.

The coaches are so proud of where the swimmers have come from at the start of the race season in October to now.

The All Juniors 2022 team included: Rebecca Barclay, Emma Barclay, Billy Boyd, Rex Brocklesby, Maximilian Brocklesby, Asha Chalmers, Georgia Courtney, Thomas Courtney, Isabel Croatto, Claudia Croatto, Emily Croatto, Billy Fisher, Annie-Jean Giliam-Rodda, Daisy Giliam-Rodda, Lachie Grimes, Josh Hunt, Sienna Hunt, Holly Hurst, Owen Jones, Mostyn Lumsden, Noah McMillan, Harper Mcrae, Hugh Munro, Trinity O’Keefe, Lachlan Paterson, Cooper Quaife, Gypsy Quaife, Josie Richer, Eden Roberts, Miah Roberts, Blake Sherar, Aidan Smyth, Archie Smyth, Darby Smyth, Lara Smyth, Jedda Tagell and Jarrah Tagell.

Well done to the finalists and medal winners:

• Rebecca Barclay, 7th backstroke.

• Billy Boyd, 8th backstroke, 9th freestyle.

• Rex Brocklesby, 1st backstroke, 1st butterfly, 1st freestyle.

• Maximilian Brocklesby, 2nd butterfly, 5th freestyle.

• Asha Chalmers, 8th backstroke.

• Thomas Courtney, 5th breaststroke.

• Claudia Croatto, 1st breaststroke.

• Emily Croatto, 4th backstroke, 5th butterfly, 2nd breaststroke, 7th freestyle.

• Josh Hunt, 8th backstroke, 8th butterfly.

• Sienna Hunt, 4th breaststroke, 6th freestyle.

• Owen Jones, 10th backstroke, 7th butterfly, 10th breaststroke, 10th freestyle.

• Mostyn Lumsden, 2nd backstroke, 3rd freestyle.

• Noah McMillan, 4th backstroke.

• Harper Mcrae, 9th butterfly.

• Josie Richer, 2nd backstroke, 3rd freestyle, 4th breaststroke.

• Miah Roberts, 1st backstroke.

• Gypsy Quaife 6th backstroke.

• Blake Sherar, 10th butterfly, 6th breaststroke.

• Archie Smyth, 10th butterfly, 2nd backstroke, 5th freestyle.

• Darby Smyth, 4th backstroke, 4th freestyle, 2nd breaststroke.

• Jedda Tagell, 9th backstroke, 7th butterfly, 8th breaststroke, 4th freestyle.