SUMMERSALT Gymnastics in Wonthaggi earned recognition for its staff focus, being awarded the inaugural National Excellence Award for Workforce Development at the Gymnastics Clubs Australia awards gala on Monday, February 21.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic gymnast Emily Whitehead presented the award.

Gymnastics Clubs Australia (GCA) is the peak industry association for gymnastics clubs in Australia.

The award highlighted Summersalt’s industry-leading recruiting philosophy, the diverse range of employment opportunities within the business, and its dedication to staff health and wellbeing.

Summersalt director Chelsea Caple detailed the business’ approach to recruitment.

“We employ predominantly people with a non-gymnastics background because we believe that you can teach skill but you can’t train personality, so we employ our staff based on their personality and their love for children. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be the best part of a child’s day and to be able to teach them movement and skills that will lead them through life.”

As well as ‘movement educator’ roles, the business provides a range of administrative opportunities and hospitality training.

Summersalt also encourages its staff to pursue projects within the business that particularly interest them.

Along with the awards gala, GCA held a three-day conference in Melbourne featuring guest speakers from Singapore and around Australia. Chelsea gave a presentation to conference attendees from across Australia about the business’ workforce development.