We need to introduce higher wealth taxes in Australia to be able to introduce a universal basic income of around $770 per week (basic wage) in order to reduce poverty in this country and significantly reduce the need for social security payments and the size of the bureaucracy that is set up to administer social security payments.

We need to remove the tax-free status of the family home.

We need to increase taxes paid by superannuation funds.

We need to increase the GST.

It’s all very doable if the government has the political will.

And, for example of an unfair tax right here in the Bass Coast, consider this.

The Victoria Valuer General states that the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of a property is the total market value of the property including land and improvements. For more information, go to land.vic.gov.au.

Well, here in the Bass Coast, it’s not because the Valuer General’s valuation on properties is grossly undervalued, think 100 per cent undervalued.

What this means is that people living in Wonthaggi and suburbs are paying 100 per cent too much in their rates, while the owners of farms, lifestyle properties, ocean view properties and holiday homes are paying 100 per cent less than they should be.

What’s more, land values are also undervalued so people are not paying their fair share of land tax.

The people of the Bass Coast need to understand that the rates they pay are a wealth tax and have nothing to do with a fee for service.

However, the people of the Bass Coast need to also understand that the state government is favouring the better off rather than the less fortunate.

My point is to get the message across to all levels of government that, firstly, the government needs to ensure that any tax applied is done in a fair and equitable manner and secondly, there needs to be a redistribution of wealth in this country to abolish poverty and hardship for so many people.

Frank W Schooneveldt, Wonthaggi.