An enthusiastic group of adults and children enjoyed a Monday afternoon drumming workshop run by Abli Laryea, who began playing drums at the age of six, with Leongatha Library reverberating with the vibrant sounds of African instruments.

Now based in Melbourne, Abli grew up in Ghana, West Africa, near the nation’s capital city Accra.

His short workshop was designed to transport participants to his homeland, with plenty of activity keeping everyone occupied.

“It’s a bit of drum playing, a bit of singing and some dance steps,” he said of the mixed session.

People also had the opportunity to ask questions about Africa.

Master drummer Abli introduced the group to a West African drum known as the Djembe, providing an expert demonstration on an impressive large example.

Each member of the group had a small Djembe to play.

Margot and Vincent Elliott were brought along by dad Fergus.

“I’m looking forward to hitting the drum,” Vincent said before the session, with sister Margot’s excitement about the class having built up throughout the day.

Abli also brought along a Kpanlogo, a Ghanaian drum, and an assortment of other West African instruments.

He is part of traditional African drumming group ‘Wala’.

The drumming class formed part of Myli’s ‘Meet Up’ festival for young people, although people of any age were welcome to join the free session.

Abli also ran his energetic, hands-on workshop at Foster Library.