I was honoured to represent Bass Coast Shire at this year’s ANZAC day commemorations at the cenotaph in Cowes.

It brought into sharp focus and reminded me that I am the son of a European refugee who survived the holocaust.

I was born in this wonderful country and enjoy the freedoms that I too often take for granted because of the sacrifices made by our service men and women.

To those serviceman and women, I thank you.

On this day I would like to remember all the animals that went to war and never came back.

From the immortalized Simpson’s donkey to the horses that gallantly charged into battle and those horses that moved the supplies and transported men.

I would also like to remember the dogs. Whether they were sniffing out munitions, helping in search and rescue, or just being a comfort to soldiers between actions.

Let’s remember them.

For everybody who has suffered in war – Lest We Forget.

Ronnie Bauer, Cowes