Section 4 runners-up, Wonthaggi: James Montgomery, Hamish Daker-Hock, Hannah Montgomery and Jane Draper.

Section 4 Westernport Hartwig 6-28 defeated Wonthaggi 2–13. Westernport Hartwig, from left, Finn Campbell-Walker, Cecilia Leys, Zoe Arnott, Magnus Bathgate and Bede Prideaux.

Section 3 runners-up Poowong: Jess Churchill, Will Kelly, Gabrielle Kendall and Lochie McIntosh.

Section 3 winners Korumburra 8-48 defeated Poowong Acers 0-18: Toby Nicholas, Mila Cocks, Cody Amor, Geoffrey Bye and Marty Cook.

Section 2 runners-up, Inverloch: Alexis Van Oss, Chloe Butcher, Kai Heenan, Sabrine Wrigley and Noah McMillan.

Section 2: Poowong 5-36 defeated Inverloch 3-31. Winners, Poowong: Sam Wallace, Jake Churchill, Nat Churchill, Amelia Kelly and Brodie Hart.

Section 1: Poowong Falcons 2-23 defeated Westernport McGregor 1-21. From left, Kirsty Crooks – Westernport team manager, Poowong – Callum Lancey, Sterling Holman, Westernport – Ameila Crooks, Abby Pappas, Lara Standish.

ON SATURDAY, March 26, the Korrine and District Junior Tennis Association grand finals were held at Inverloch and Wonthaggi on another beautiful day for tennis.

It was great to see the teams on the court for the deciding game for the season.

A huge thank you to all the players, parents and coaches for all their hard work in making this season such an enjoyable and successful one.

The K&DJTA committee is looking for more volunteers to assist. Please contact your local club and express your interest.