By Chloe Kent

FIRST and foremost, Loretta Miller is a musician, but like all things in life, she is keen to see where the wind takes her.

Part of the nine-piece band Jazzparty, the decision to submit their music videos to the short film festival, Bass Coast Shorts, was a straightforward one.

“If you’re an independent musician, you don’t have big budgets; therefore, you’ve got to create the things that you want to do.

“I’ve always loved film and I was quite interested in that side of things when I was younger, but I never really pursued it.”

And whilst this may be Loretta’s first time stepping into a directing role, it is Jazzparty’s third music video.

“This was my first time taking an active role in directing, visualising and concept.

“Taking on the challenge – it was really intense.”

Like all filmmakers – Loretta stood by the old beg, borrow, steal saying.

“We had a great team; everybody gave a lot of extra time and a lot of favours.”

A two-day film shoot, the music video took the team through Archies Creek to Kilcunda.

“We had a huge group of extras who did an incredible job and some of the locations were quite tough, particularly the cliffside.

“It was a bit of a trek to get there, and we had all this intense camera gear and girls in polyester dresses.

“I think that shot is the one that makes it, so I’m really glad that I persisted and didn’t take no for an answer and kept pushing everybody up the hill. It was quite hairy.

“It’s one of those crazy things. But I think it really worked for us in the end.”

Loretta is also looking forward to being a part of the short film community, enabling greater connection between creative communities in Bass Coast and Gippsland.

“It’s a pretty good feeling achieving everything we wanted and have something that you made, have an audience.

“When you make a music video, you put it on the internet, and then it’s gone.

“So, to give it further life (at festivals) is a really nice feeling. And it’s an acknowledgement of the work that we all did.”

And what’s next for Loretta and her multi-genre band?

“To have more reach through the music video and festival for the band.

“After making this video, a musician friend asked me if I would direct a video for him – which was quite funny.

“I’ll probably just keep doing our own videos and focusing on that. I’m a musician first and foremost. But I’m definitely interested in the world.

“It’s just about time and money.”