We had a perfect sunny day to celebrate National Eucalypt Day at the property of Richard Lester in Mardan.

It was not only a day to celebrate our magnificent Eucalyptus trees, but a day to celebrate life. Planting trees and creating habitat for wildlife is not only beneficial for our environment but also for our own health and wellbeing.

Richard Lester has been an advocate for championing environmental awareness for most of his working life.

A Vietnam veteran, he has put his energies into gardening, planting trees and shrubs and creating wildlife habitats.

He bought part of the once Lester farm 17 years ago, then a 13-acre paddock, and has transformed it into a native plant and wildlife wonderland. The planting has been joyous for him and helped in his own wellbeing and good health.

National Eucalypt Day is celebrated each year on March 23 and is a wonderful way for all Australians to come together and celebrate Life!

Ian Starkey.