By Geoff Wyatt, Poowong FNC

POOWONG welcomed near neighbours Ellinbank – last year’s top side – for the start of the 2022 season in drizzly conditions with a breeze not really favouring either side.

Poowong have had of change of coach with Chris Doria taking over as a non-playing coach.

In the Seniors, Poowong showed a lot of potential in their first game of the season. Both teams lined up with 14 players and Poowong had a very young group with Ellinbank an older group. Both teams played a good standard of football.

The game was played between both backlines with Ellinbank kicking four points and Poowong failing to score; they had their chances with a shot out of bounds and one cleared.

The second quarter started as the first was played but Poowong was first to kick the first goal of the season after a clearance from the backline. They had another chance but Ellinbank cleared the ball down forward, only managing a point.

Both sides managed a point each before Ellinbank kicked the ball off the ground to a teammate who ran in to kick Ellinbank’s first. Poowong managed another point before Ellinbank goaled from the pocket. Not to be denied, Poowong added a late goal.

The third quarter started in fine conditions and was another tight quarter. Poowong’s Patrick Harmes grabbed the ball off the pack and goaled.

Some good passes by Ellinbank weren’t rewarded after hitting the post, followed with some good play resulting in Ellinbank’s third.

Poowong moved the ball down the ground with some great passes but missed a great opportunity by hitting the post. Ellinbank added a late goal from the pocket to take a 12-point lead at three-quarter time.

Ellinbank got the breaks early with a free kick from the centre bounce infringement which led to a mark and a goal. This was followed by a 50m penalty resulting in their second goal for the quarter and a 24-point lead. Poowong, not to be denied, fought back and added two goals and three points to reduce the margin to nine points. As Poowong was heading forward, again the siren sounded.

Poowong do not have Under 18s but have an Under 16s side. Call Matt on 0417 373 463 or Ted Attenborough 0407 597 341. Younger players can play with the Bulls.