So, Mr Broadbent is on record as believing that voters don’t care about an integrity body and that they are more concerned with bread-and-butter issues that affect their daily lives, such as jobs, the economy and roads infrastructure.

Sure, these issues matter to a lot of people but it doesn’t mean they are not concerned about the big issues, such as climate change, which affect us all.

It is patronising to suggest voters only care about issues affecting them directly.

This voter (and I am not alone!) is certainly desperate for a government with vision, plans and policies to help us reach that vision and with the integrity to make Australia a better, fairer place.

I want to be proud of my country again.

So, Mr Broadbent, I will not be voting for you or your party.

Anne Heath Mennell, Tenby Point.

Editor: This letter follows an article published in The Age, titled ‘Voters don’t care about integrity commission: seven Liberal MPs’, published online on April 17, 2022. Mr Broadbent reportedly told The Age that in his electorate, “it’s always roads, and in the last week or so they are raising Albo”. Further, he said: “What’s important to you or I is not important to 90 per cent of the public. This election will be won and lost on how people feel about the economy and who will look after them.” Asked if voters in his seat had raised an integrity body, Mr Broadbent told The Age: “No, it has not been raised with me.”