I read with interest Tara Harkness’ letter re the lack of decent bus services.

I am an aged pensioner who has lived in Cowes for the past 15 years.

During this time, I have written many letters to Transport Ministers and our local state Members in regard to obtaining a decent transport service. All I get in return is lip service.

I am not in good health and do not drive.

My husband was hospitalised in Wonthaggi for surgery.

I would catch the 9am bus from Cowes, arriving in Wonthaggi at 10.34am, then walk to the hospital and spend time visiting, walk back into Wonthaggi and pick up a few essentials and catch the return bus at 1.34pm, arriving in Cowes at 3pm. That equates to a six-hour round trip.

Our dental clinic and many specialist appointments require visiting Wonthaggi, and it is impossible to obtain appointments that coincide with the current bus timetables.

I have pointed out on many occasions the amount of money being spent on Melbourne and the suburbs to no avail.

Jacqueline Crompton, Cowes.