The state ALP member for Bass should come clean with Bass voters on where their offshore turbines are proposed.

The Andrews government has gifted $16m of our taxes to Macquarie Group to prospect off our coastline.

Surely they must have given Andrews some idea of their plans to justify the handouts? Will residents of Phillip Island, Kilcunda, Cape Paterson or Inverloch be the lucky ones to have their views enhanced on the altar of ALP intermittent, unreliable energy policy and Greens appeasement?

Ms Crugnale should also acquaint herself with just how many long-term local jobs actually eventuate. Why are the ALP not advocating turbines in Port Phillip Bay? It makes so much more sense economically and gives them a much bigger platform to parade their Green credentials to city voters without sacrificing yet more rural landscapes for city energy (and union superfund profits).

Tim Le Roy, Walkerville.