BASS Coast Shire’s very own Steve Fuery made history this month when he crossed the Victorian Alps on an electric motorcycle for the first time.
Steve made the 450-kilometre journey from his home near Phillip Island to be the first person to make the crossing.
In doing so, he reached his aim of proving that the growing EV charge network is making long trips possible, while raising the profile of two-wheeled electric vehicles.
Steve made the journey over Mount Hotham to have his Zero DSR dual-sport electric motorcycle, made in California USA, join the Australian Electric Vehicle Association display at the Off-Grid Living Festival at Eldorado recently.
His motorcycle was alongside other electric vehicles and in a time of skyrocketing fuel prices, Steve expects more interest than normal.
“I always look forward to chatting with people about the bike at festivals and markets,” he said.
“The question I hear the most is, ’how far will it go?’
“On a single charge, I can get anywhere from 160 to 180 kilometres, depending on hills, headwinds and how hard I ride.
“There are websites like that show all varieties of chargers on a map, so it’s not that hard to work out how to get from place to place in rural areas.”
On the decision to buy an electric over a petrol-powered motorcycle, Steve said it wasn’t just the environmental and financial benefits that swayed his decision.
“People ride motorcycles because of the immense feeling of freedom you get from being in the wind and feeling the g-forces as you turn and accelerate,” he said.
“The other major difference riding an electric motorcycle is that you feel and hear everything because you don’t have an engine drowning out other sounds.”
After the Eldorado Off-Grid Living Festival, Steve will travel home via the King Valley and then on to Woods Point and Walhalla.