MAY 5 was International Midwives Day and at Bass Coast Health, they celebrated and acknowledged the work of their wonderful midwives.

The BCH Midwives offer care to families during the ante-natal, birth, post-natal and early years periods.

“We offer three modern birthing suites and four ward beds at Wonthaggi Hospital, and then ante-natal and post-natal care and early years care at a range of sites across the region,” said Midwife Maddy Butler who shares why she enjoys being a midwife at Bass Coast Health.

“Having the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting time in people’s lives is a real privilege,” she said.

“I love educating and empowering women throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. I feel so lucky to work alongside women in such a transformative time of life.

“Witnessing parents meet their baby for the first time is so special and I think that will never grow old on me. It’s a rewarding part of the job and I feel so lucky that I get to experience it.”

New mother Sarah Arthur recently gave birth to her son Charlie at Wonthaggi Hospital.

“As a first-time mum, I found the support and care from the midwifery team invaluable and personal,” she said.

“Each team member took the time to make sure we were comfortable, which made the birthing experience of our son Charlie at Wonthaggi an amazing one.

“I would encourage any future parents to have their babies at BCH and to take advantage of the expertise of the midwifery team.”

The Maternal and Child Health team also celebrated International Midwives Day at a special morning tea and celebrated the work of the Maternal and Child Health Service in providing the 10 key age and stage appointments to families and their children in Bass Coast,

According to Maternal and Child Health Team Leader Kathryn Anderson, these appointments ensure babies are developing well and that families are coping with the change in lifestyle that comes with having a newborn.

“We also offer new parent groups each month to connect parents who have new babies with other such parents in the local area. We are also excited to introduce our new Sleep Settling sessions to local families.”

Sleep and settling concerns are common issues affecting families with children aged from birth to school age.

“We recognise the importance of sleep for a child’s long-term development and for a family’s wellbeing,” Ms Anderson said.

“The Maternal and Child Health Sleep Settling sessions provide an evidence-informed approach to support parents and caregivers who have raised a sleep or settling concern.

“Speak to your Maternal and Child Health nurse at your next appointment about how to book into a session or call the central booking line on 5671 4275.”

Bass Coast Health Midwives on International Midwives Day. From left, Melanie Shields, Maddison Gheller, Pauline Humbert, Lauren Yann, Arielle Frankel and baby Millie Wilkinson, Sharon Van Rensburg and BCH Executive Director of Clinical Services Christine Henderson.

Celebrating International Midwives Day at Bass Coast Health recently were were Maternal and Child Health Nurses Rebecca Macfarlane, Hayley Blundell, Kathryn Anderson, Bernadette O’Connor and Allyson Bentley.