Unnamed Australian Navy submarine anchored off Cowes on Thursday, May 12. Photo courtesy David Logan MarineTraffice.com


THE Department of Defence is typically tight-lipped about a submarine which sailed back into Westernport this morning and has stopped off the boat ramp at Cowes where defence reportedly has a mooring.

“What’s it’s name, what’s it’s class?”

“We won’t be releasing any details of that kind,” said a spokesperson for HMAS Cerberus.

Believed to be a Collins Class submarine, the vessel came into the bay a few weeks ago and it reportedly back to send some personnel to shore.

Quite a crowd has gathered to see the sub and Navy personnel can be seen moving on the deck.

It was first sighted at Silverleaves at about 8am on Thursday morning, May 12.

The Defence Department has since confirmed that a Royal Australian Navy submarine is “operating in the Eastern Australian waters”, but did not provide any explanation or details about the submarine’s appearance on our shores.

“Navy’s submarines regularly train in Australian waters and visit Australian ports,” a Defence spokesperson said.

“For operational security reasons, Defence does not provide the names and positions of their submarines whilst at sea.”

The ‘Marine Traffic’ website lists the submarine departing Bell Bay Port in Tasmania on April 23 at 11.32am.