Princess Fiona (Laura Vivian) was rescued by Shrek (Dean Lyle) in Shrek the Musical. mm201922

Donkey (Lucas White) and Shrek (Dean Lyle) were front and centre for most of the show. mm181922

NEWHAVEN College’s production of ‘Shrek the Musical’ over four shows at the weekend delighted crowds at the Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre.

Shrek was played by Dean Lyle, while Laura Vivian took on the role of Princess Fiona, Michael Furniss played Lord Farquaad, Lucas White played Donkey and Coco Hosken was the Dragon.
Newhaven College principal Tony Corr congratulated all the staff and students who worked so hard in bringing Shrek the Musical to the stage.

“The large cast and crew have been tireless in their efforts over months of preparation – displaying passion and enthusiasm,” Mr Corr wrote in the production’s booklet.

Director Lauren White also thanked students for their commitment and enthusiasm.

“It has been a joy to watch the students create such vivid characters and tell this beautiful
story with passion, love and commitment,” Ms White wrote.

“Today’s youth has an amazing power to make an impact on our society, and watching this group of young people embrace and convey the important themes and messages of this piece has truly been inspiring.”