A GOFUNDME is raising funds for the family of the late Samantha Fraser to help support her three children.
Ms Fraser, a Phillip Island psychologist, was murdered by her estranged husband, Adrian Basham, in July 2018.
GoFundMe is hoping to raise $100,000 for the family, noting that “tragically her traumatised and grief-stricken three children are left behind as ‘double orphans’.
“They are in the care of their maternal, retired grandparents, who can in some small way give them the love they need but cannot always cover the financial cost of their care and education.”
The family also released a statement following the trial saying that although the sorrow and grief will never go away, they could in some way begin to move on.
“Caught up in the midst of all these events are Samantha’s three children,” the statement reads.
“She was the very centre of their being; the sunshine in every day of their lives.
“Did that man not think of what would happen to us without our mum?
“Their lives over the past 45 months have not been easy; lives filled with confusion, grief and trauma. But life has to go on.
“After the events of the last two years, the lockdowns, the home-schooling and all this grief and trauma, the children have dreams of doing some special things.
“The much-valued assistance and kindness of society will help make these dreams a reality.”
Any donations are greatly appreciated and can be made at gofundme.com/f/caring-for-sams-children