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Your Ford or Mitsubishi is at home here

WESTAWAY Ford and Knights Mitsubishi of Leongatha take their responsibility as the region’s authorised dealer and service agent for these two well-regarded motor vehicle brands very seriously. And it’s an attention to customer service excellence by factory-trained technicians and sales agents, over the course

Warning after truck and three cars collide

POLICE have cautioned drivers to choose safer locations when attempting u-turns on a highway or busy road and not to have their wheels turned towards on-coming traffic while sitting stationary, waiting to turn in the middle of the road. Sergeant of police at the

It’s enough to ruin your Sunday

WHAT would it do to the enjoyment of your Sunday if you got a $159 parking ticket shoved under your windscreen wiper? Sunday? It would probably ruin your whole week. Well that was the greeting up to half-a-dozen people got recently when they returned

Fine evaders will get caught

FINE evaders and those with outstanding warrants have less chance of escaping the clutches of the police and the justice system following the introduction of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. In use last Friday in the ANPR cameras take images of number plates

Have your say on rural speed limits

REPORTS that the State Government will reduce the speed limit to 70km/h on unsealed country roads is just lazy policy by a lazy government, Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath says. The government is considering a proposal to reduce the speed limit on unsealed

Traffic lights already stopping traffic

PUTTING up a set of traffic lights at Wonthaggi’s most difficult intersection isn’t as easy as it might seem. Over the weekend, preliminary works were stepped up a notch with a major power upgrade going on, associated with the traffic lights. New, taller high

Still not a Korumburra speed camera

LOCALS who use Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road, to and from Korumburra and Inverloch or Wonthaggi on a regular basis, can’t have helped notice the measuring strips, cameras and equipment mounted at the Korumburra end. Some have feared that these devices might be measuring speed as a

Lucky escape after car flips in rain

BAD posture and good timing saved a 21-year-old driver’s life last Tuesday near Korumburra when his car hit the wire barriers and flipped onto its roof. The windscreen wipers on Aaron Wilson’s 1998 Honda CR-V were at full speed as rain pelted down on

New L2P car gets the safety tick

THE Wonthaggi Neighbourhood Centre’s Bass Coast L2P Learner Driver Mentor program recently unveiled its new Hyundai Accent at a safety forum at Wonthaggi Autobarn. Fourteen L2P Learners and their mentors attended the forum organised by Leading Senior Constable Brendan Horrocks in conjunction with Wonthaggi

Stepping up crossing safety in school zones

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council values the importance of children’s safety when arriving to and from school with Local Laws stepping up parking patrols in school zones. Line of sight around schools is crucial to parents, carers, motorists and school buses. When vehicles are obstructing

Wired to save

THE TAC is spending more than $20 million installing barriers along the Bass and South Gippsland Highways. It’ll cost $12.8 million to install flexible safety barriers and ‘wide centre line treatments’, effectively a dedicated space between two sets of traffic. Around 30 of 50km

Parking inspectors rain on parade

LEONGATHA’S Chamber of Commerce is toasting an amazingly successful Daffodil Street Festival on Saturday, with an estimated 3000 people partying in the streets. But there was a sour note to an otherwise perfect event, and it came from the South Gippsland Shire Council’s Local

Cuzzupis hand over the keys

WARM, genuine and generous, Tony and Teresa Cuzzupi have shown how successful a business can be when it embraces and is embraced by the community. After almost 28 years, Tony and Teresa have handed the keys of the Wonthaggi Toyota and Wonthaggi Holden garage