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TIME’S running out to return your completed ballot pack before the Bass Coast Shire Council election.

Statement by Les Larke re inspectorate complaint

Statement by Les Larke I have consistently maintained my innocence of any allegation of wrongdoing while suffering from a serious injustice through the anonymous leak of confidential information and an associated smear campaign in the print and social media. Fortunately, this has been remedied

‘All clear’ but is it too late for Les Larke?

AN investigation by the Victorian Local Government Inspectorate has given Cr Les Larke the all clear. The decision, apparently taken on Friday, October 9, under the signature of Investigations Manager Ross Millard, was only released on Tuesday evening, October 13. Why the delay? With

Candidate Profile: David Rooks – Island Ward

Occupation: Event management. Lives in: Ventnor.   Why are you running for council? I want to be a councillor to extend my work and community involvement to a strategic level for the betterment of the Island for both permanent and part-time residents, and for

Candidate Profile: Julian Brown – Bunurong Ward

Occupation: Councillor/Martial arts instructor. Lives in: Inverloch.   Why are you running for council? Councils love regulating every little thing. Of course, the council has to run some things but I think we need a couple of councillors who want to let people get

Candidate Profile: Clare Le Serve – Western Port Ward

Occupation: Councillor – eight years’ experience, and retired farming and community development worker experience. Lives in: Corinella. Why are you running for council? To continue to support all aspects of our community and offer strong leadership. I am committed to having strong, transparent and

Candidate Profile: Rochelle Halstead – Western Port Ward

Occupation: Small business owner (Tides restaurant in Tooradin). Lives in: San Remo. Why are you running for council? I have many years’ experience working with and for all levels of government as a former mayor of Frankston City Council and in the Parliament of

Candidate Profile: Bruce Kent – Western Port Ward

Occupation: Police officer. Lives in: San Remo. Why are you running for council? Unfinished business. Elected four years ago but can achieve more. What are your top five issues? Address recovery from COVID-19; accountability and value from rates; addressing environmental issues; get roads/footpaths and

Candidate Profile: Geoff Ellis – Western Port Ward

Occupation: Writer, editor and publisher. Lives in: Harmers Haven. Why are you running for council? To oversee relevant and cost-effective services and community building. What are your top five issues? 1. Impact of climate variation. 2. Lack of basic infrastructure outside the three major

Candidate Profile: Jeni Jobe – Island Ward

Occupation:  Commercial artist. Lives in: San Remo. Why are you running  for council? Rather than complaining about the council, I want to be a voice in the room and part of the solution. My volunteer work with Totally Renewable Phillip Island (TRPI) and its

Candidate Profile: Ron Bauer – Island Ward

Occupation: Semi-retired jeweller. Lives in: Cowes. Why are you running for council? I am actively involved with our community. I stood for the state seat of Bass in 2018 running on Island issues. I am a member of the Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents

Candidate Profile: Mikhaela Barlow – Island Ward

Occupation: Author,  homelessness activist and carer. Lives in: Cape Woolamai. Why are you running for council? I believe that if you can help a situation, you must, and that if you have the means, you have the responsibility. I can see the concern and

Candidate Profile: Darrell Silva – Island Ward

Occupation: Healthcare industry. Lives in: Cowes. Why are you running  for council? Living more permanently on Phillip Island, I see this as an opportunity to give back to the community. I believe there are shortcomings in the recognition of the value that the Island