Bass Coast Shire Council election Archive

Candidate Profile: Trish Cerini – Island Ward

Occupation: Retired. Lives in: Cowes. Why are you running  for council? I’ve stood for nomination as I believe we have important issues that need to be addressed in our Island Ward. Our beaches are sadly being eroded away, which we urgently need to address.

Candidate Profile: Michael Whelan – Island Ward

Occupation:  Local government  councillor. Lives in: Cowes. Why are you running  for council? Being positive and taking on an issue or project to achieve on behalf of your community is very rewarding. The skills I have through my training in economics and environmental science

Candidate Profile: Ash Belsar – Island Ward

Occupation: Business owner –  Outdoor Adventure Activities. Lives in: Sunset Strip. Why are you running  for council? To serve the community with the following three principles: Efficiency, community cohesion and keeping the place we choose to live special. What are your top five issues?

Candidate Profile: Michael Nugent – Bunurong Ward

Occupation:  Retired chartered accountant. Lives in: Cape Paterson. Why are you running  for council? Because I want to contribute to the community and believe I have the right mix of skills, experience and attitude to do so, as well as time (I would view

Candidate Profile: Brett Tessari – Bunurong Ward

Occupation:  Real estate agent. Lives in: Wonthaggi. Why are you running  for council? I hope to continue the work that I have done for the last four years, with so many challenges and opportunities coming our way, it is crucial now more than ever

Candidate Profile: Leticia Laing – Bunurong Ward

Occupation: Stay at home parent, community volunteer, and small business owner. Lives in: Cape Paterson. Why are you running for council? This is the next step in my community involvement so I can achieve the best facilities and long-term solutions for our growing shire.

Another Bass Coast election result nobbled

FRIDAY’S bombshell alleging corruption, tracheary and the release of confidential information at the Bass Coast Shire Council has escalated with new allegations published in the Melbourne Age today. In an article by investigative reporters Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago, it has been claimed that

Sensational claims rock Bass Coast Shire Council election

A BASS Coast Shire councillor is under investigation by the Victorian Local Government Inspectorate (VLGI). Cr Les Larke confirmed to the Sentinel-Times today that he is the councillor under investigation but described the allegations of “corruption” as scuttlebutt while also criticising the timing of

Meet your Bass Coast council candidates

BEFORE you cast your vote in the upcoming Bass Coast Shire Council election, several community groups are providing opportunities to find out more about the 17 candidates standing.

Do you want your red bin collected this summer?

ISLAND candidate Ron Bauer has put his finger on one of the hot-button issues in coastal towns over the summer – weekly red bin collection. It’s part of his platform for election. A vote for Ron is a vote for red bins but that’s

Brown aims to continue ‘moderating influence’ on council

BASS Coast Councillor Julian Brown recently announced he is standing in the upcoming council election. He will recontest Bunurong Ward. Councillor Brown has a lifelong connection to Bass Coast. He grew up in Wonthaggi. One of his grandfathers was a coal miner in the

Bass Coast candidates: start your engines

CANDIDATES who wish to contest the Bass Coast Shire Council elections can officially nominate from this Thursday, September 17. And the latest to throw his hat into the ring is sitting Bunurong Ward representative, Cr Julian Brown. Cr Brown has been regarded as something

Questions and answers with Rochelle

ROCHELLE Halstead of San Remo has put her hand up to run for Western Port Ward in the upcoming Bass Coast Shire Council election. So, what are the main issues Rochelle’s running on? And how will she work with the community? The Sentinel-Times put