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Around the Bay – 18-6-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle FOR those who work all week the weather has been turning it on lately with the weekends being the pick of the fishing days and last weekend was another. These are the perfect days that we see regularly over

Around the Bay – 12-6-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle WEATHER conditions are something, unfortunately, we have no control over because if we did, we would order much better conditions on weekends. Again, this weekend it was all over the place and while the sun was out, there was

Around the Bay – 4-6-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle OFFICIALLY, the start of winter was on Saturday but the weather over the last couple of weeks has given us a taste of what’s to come in the next couple of months. It’s windy, cold and the days are

Around the Bay – 21-5-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle IF you could order the weather it would have been difficult to get any better than what we have had for the last week. Cool yes, there was some long periods of sunshine, but it was the wind or

New fish data released

CONSUMERS now have access to the latest and most comprehensive report on the sustainability of Australia’s fish stocks. The 2018 Status of Australian Fish Stock (SAFS) Reports assessed 120 species made up of 406 stocks across finfish, crustaceans, molluscs, sharks and rays. The 2018