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Around the Bay – June 30, 2020

  With Jim’s Bait and Tackle WITH the shortest day behind us, it can only be up hill from here. Would be great if that was the case, but as we all know July/August will probably bring some colder weather and a bit of

Around the Bay – Tuesday June 23, 2020

By Jim’s Bait and Tackle TO say this year has been challenging for many would be an obvious understatement and just when many were to get back to work in hospitality, another hiccup. In business you learn to adapt and take challenges head on,

Rare whale washed up near Venus Bay

THE community has been warned to stay away from a remote beach location at Venus Bay after a Pigmy Sperm Whale was washed up on the beach. Fisheries has issued a warning that the carcass may attract sharks and have warned people from entering

Around the Bay 25-3-2020

AS I write this report, Sunday/Monday morning, I know by the time it finds its way to the paper things will probably be much different. We are at this stage going to be able to stay open but expect that will change over the

Around the Bay 17-3-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle ADD sunshine, light winds and no rain and it’s amazing how people get a smile on their face, seem to forget about all that is happening around the place and just get out and do things. The opposite is,

Around the Bay 11-3-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle OVER the long weekend we had a customer who had moved from overseas to Australia for work six months ago. He had come down to the island for the weekend and dropped in to get some supplies. While he

Around the Bay 3-3-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle THAT’S another summer been and gone and if you blinked you actually missed it with one of the most inconsistent seasons we have seen since taking over the shop. We had a few good patches but overall, it was

Around the Bay 25-2-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle What a difference a bit of sunshine and light winds makes with plenty of people taking advantage of the first good weekend for some time. There were plenty of boats heading offshore looking for the elusive tuna or a

Around the Bay 18-2-2020

with Jim’s Bait and Tackle LAST week I mentioned our upcoming San Remo Easter fishing comp, which raises money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal and last Saturday we opened entries. The competition again this year has been well supported by sponsors

Around the Bay – 11-2-2020

WE have just about finished the organising for our fourth San Remo Easter Fishing Competition and will open up early entries this weekend. The competition has grown over the last three years and is becoming exactly what we started out to organise – a

Around the Bay 4-2-2020

With Jims Bait and Tackle DESPITE all the rumours and suggestions of major changes, it would appear that little has changed in the new 2020 fishing guide and sizes and limits for species caught around here stay the same. There are a couple of

Around the Bay – 29-1-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle WE had several calls during the week from people coming down for the Australia Day weekend, mostly from around Melbourne, asking if it’s safe to come down for the long weekend, our answer the same as it would normally

Around the Bay 21-1-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle With the first month of summer almost over, you have to wonder if the weather is actually going to settle and we are going to see some consistent warmer days. Overall the water temperature is cooler than normal, and