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Around the Bay 21-1-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle With the first month of summer almost over, you have to wonder if the weather is actually going to settle and we are going to see some consistent warmer days. Overall the water temperature is cooler than normal, and

Around the Bay 14-1-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle WE have a small sample of what we should have in regards to summer weather then it’s back into jumpers again. While it hasn’t been the best for fishing this week, the cooler weather and a bit of rain

Around the Bay 7-1-2020

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle IT has been a very strange Christmas holiday period so far, not only on the fishing front but with all the events of the last few weeks. There are plenty of mixed emotions from those visiting and even locals,

Around the Bay – 31-12-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle CHRISTMAS has been kind to most with both weather and fishing conditions and those who headed out at the right time were rewarded, the difficult thing was picking the right time. As expected and normal for this time of

Around the bay – 24-12-2019

Jims Bait and Tackle Hopefully you are lucky enough to have some time off over Christmas and can get out for a fish and let also hope you are only battling the crowds and not the weather as well. With one of the strangest

Around the Bay 17-12-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle NOT many shopping days until Christmas now and if you are still looking to buy someone a fishing Christmas gift take a look at our summer catalogue for ideas. One of the most popular items we sell for Christmas

Around the Bay 10-12-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle WINTER has continued this week and in fact the weather has been probably worse than some that we did have in the winter. Don’t let the conditions fool you though as several customers have found out over the last

Around the Bay 3-12-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle YOU could have been forgiven for thinking that Sunday was the first day of winter and not the first day of summer with the very cold and strong winds. As I have written a few times now it has

Around the Bay 26-11-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle BY the number of boats out on Friday morning it was either an RDO, sicky or maybe just a sign of the ordinary weather we have had of late and people taking advantage of one of those small windows

Around the Bay 19-11-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle ANOTHER week of very unpredictable weather with the conditions not matching forecasts either way and only a handful of chances to head out in the boat. Thankfully there were reasonable conditions at the weekend and between those who were

Around the Bay – 12-11-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle I DON’T think I need to make too much of a mention about the weather and there is really only a couple of words to describe it this week, unfishable, almost two words anyway. For boating, take Tuesday and

Around the Bay 5-11-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle I have been making mention of the Victorian State Government plastic bag ban over the last few weeks and it came into force as of November 1. It has been great to see over the weekend a lot of

Around the Bay 29-10-2019

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle THE Melbourne Cup is less than a week away which means this weekend is for many the first long weekend of the fishing/boating season. Not so long ago it was the first long weekend after winter but has been