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What to do with our banks

SENITNEL-TIMES COMMENT WE USED to have government-owned banks, including the Commonwealth Bank and the State Bank of Victoria, which existed until 1990 when it was taken over by the CBA. But the reality is that all of Australia’s banks are privately-owned businesses, principally responsible

Last chance to save Grantville bush

[EDITOR: Please note the ‘letter’ below was sent as an article by Meryl Brown Tobin, Grantville, but is published on our letters page instead.] Sand mining companies are already expanding and set to expand along the bushland corridor east of Western Port Bay. Some

A way forward for Fish Creek

We wish to raise another possibility to assist Fish Creek with a sewer system. This concept also works with the idea of helping more people move to the shire. The concept is simple – allow land around Fish Creek to be converted and developed

Short-term parks are for customers

I want to vent my frustration of having business owners and staff members from service and retail outlets in Leongatha using IGA two-hour car park for our customers as their own for an all-day car park. After parking my car down to the all-day

Government must act on housing shortage

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT THE government needs to be congratulated for delivering savings and financial encouragement through its ‘Homes for Victorians’ package which has so far delivered $3 billion in savings on first homes through stamp duty discounts and first home-owner grants. And together with low

Right to object

Most of us may never have a need to object to or criticise a council decision, but we need to have the right to do so. If council has an issue with a particular person and it’s ongoing and deemed to be threatening, as

Call for rates reduction

News of a $3 million surplus in South Gippsland Shire finances this year might suggest a number of things. But certainly, it must mean long-suffering ratepayers should get a reduction in rates for future years. Steve Finlay, Leongatha.

Politicians need to be quiet: MP

I refer to Louise Gillin’s letter to the editor (Sentinel-Times, March 23, 2021). Yes, I attended the March4Justice in Canberra on March 15, 2021. The following is my statement to the Parliament on the matter. This week marked a moment in our history when

Wonderful weekend

My dad and I went to the Korumburra Working Horse and Vintage Tractor Show; it was a wonderful weekend with all the tractors and stationary engines. We went down Saturday and we stayed the night. We camped outside the gate because we quite enjoyed

Sport brings communities together

Congratulations to the Sentinel-Times staff for their great coverage of sport in South Gippsland. It is a credit to everyone after the tough times from COVID-19. Local newspapers play such a big part of connecting local communities together and helping everyone to support their

Support for editorial

We note in last week’s issue (March 23), the editorial comment to the effect that growth in South Gippsland Shire was not happening and that the “shire had dropped the ball”. The South Gippsland Action Group (SGAG) has been presenting growth concepts to the

Air Force marks its centenary

This year, the Royal Australian Air Force marks 100 years of service to our nation. Since its establishment on March 31, 1921, bravery, resilience, innovation and teamwork have been the legacy passed on from one generation to the next, making it one of the

There’s one thing blocking our growth

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT THEY’RE calling Bass Coast and South Gippsland the new ‘Mornington Peninsula’, at least that was the gist of a story in The Age over the weekend. And it’s true. All of the builders in the area and the volume builders as well,