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Treatment of wind farm neighbours a disgrace

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT IT’S been like watching a train wreck in slow motion from day one. From the time that the host-landowners, the authorities and the developers of the Bald Hills Wind Farm first unveiled their proposal, you could see it was going to create

Irresponsible, misleading, dangerous and unscientific

Our local federal MP, Russell Broadbent, is spruiking the herd immunity line that “natural immunity offer exponentially more protection than vaccines” citing an American professor, Martin Kulldorff (SGST, September 7, 2021). Prof Kulldorff has also opposed lockdowns, contact tracing and mask mandates during the

‘Stop spruiking your nonsense’ says voter

To date, not one candidate for the council election has made a commitment to drastically overhaul this bloated bureaucracy and establish a culture of real community service at a cost which represents value for money. I see slogans, wishful thinking and warm-and-fuzzy pep talk

Employ people within the shire

I refer to the article ‘Campaign to increase local spending’, Sentinel-Times, September 7. To support rural towns, the spending of council to support local businesses and trades is absolutely necessary to make strong and vibrant towns. This also applies to employment of local council

Finally demolished

Living near Korumburra’s now run-down, yet so majestic, turn of the century Railway Station. What an unbelievable sight! That dilapidated nearby eyesore shed is finally being demolished. In doing so, opening up the area, affording great views. Now our forgotten railway station won’t be

Where’s the transparency?

In both of the last two council election periods, I went along to the Victorian Electoral Commission’s Candidate Information Session held in Leongatha. They were simple meetings with a VEC presenter and numerous potential candidates, where everyone interacted happily. Last Wednesday I tuned in

Lindsay stands for council

I am standing for council as I believe I have a lot to offer the community. I have been a long-time member of this community. I have served with the local CFA, school council, community health centre and the Leongatha Cycling Club. I have

Put sacked councillors last, he says

Former sacked councillors are slowly coming out of hiding to declare their candidacy in the upcoming council election. So far, in the hundreds of words offered by those dismissed councillors seeking re-election, no mention is made of the toxic culture that resulted in the

McIndoe Park looking great

We would like to congratulate and thank the South Gippsland Shire and staff for the wonderful job they have done in the maintenance and ongoing upgrades to Leongatha’s McIndoe Park. It’s a fantastic asset for people of all ages to enjoy! Shirley and Jim

Another vote for ‘vaccination passports’

I read with incredulity the comments in last week’s Sentinel-Times by our elected federal Member of Parliament, Russell Broadbent, concerning COVID-19 and vaccines. While it is impossible to overestimate the hardship many people now face due to lockdowns, which have robbed them of their

Forward-thinking needed

Hi, new nominees. Just an opinion on what’s required of you as a councillor. 1. Deal with ratepayers equally. No matter how big or small each town is. 2. Be forward-thinking in what is best for the future of the shire (remember the decisions

Time for climate action

All but the climate denial laggards agree we need climate action. It is obvious to all but “Blind Freddy” that we are now living through the consequences of serious climate change. Even Murdoch is now demanding decarbonisation by 2050. Unless you live in a

Time to stand up for the community we want

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT HAVEN’T got enough time to stand for council? What if I don’t get elected? Why would I put myself in such a toxic environment? They’re fair questions to ask for the sort of well-connected, community-minded, intelligent people we need to stand for