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On footpaths, dogs and coronavirus IT’S hard to look past the spectre of Melbourne’s 75 new coronavirus cases yesterday and the statement by Victoria’s chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton that the numbers will certainly go higher as the main issue of the day.

Open to review

Disgraced former Local Government Minister Adem Somyurek boasted that he would sack councils and appoint mayors. Surely all his decisions should be questioned and open to review. Steve Finlay, Leongatha.

On the beat

I refer to an excellent article in Saturday’s Age (June 6) by John Silvester in which he gave us a retrospect on the career of retiring Police Commissioner Graham Ashton. I was seized by Graham’s remark that “we have gone from problem solving to

Let the brumbies roam free

Having spent time in the high country mustering cattle and then riding around Limestone and The Playgrounds out from Benambra, how could anyone contemplate shooting these beautiful majestic animals? I also went with legend Ben Buckley flying over these wonderful horses roaming free –

The choice is yours

The recent article concerning ‘Inverloch residents fear flooding’ (June 23) is the thin edge of the wedge with respect to the consequences of a warming world. People living along coastlines everywhere on this planet are being impacted by rising sea level and storm surges.

Holden mystery solved

I have been following the discussion about the need to take action to protect the flora and fauna living on this property (Holden Proving Ground) with great interest. It seemed that the hard-working people trying to protect this site had the support and backing

Don’t penalise country cafes and pubs

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT WE can’t ignore the facts. As Victorians we are no longer doing a good job when it comes to social distancing, hand washing, using hand sanitiser, disinfecting public surfaces and staying home when we have flu-like symptoms, except to get tested for

Scomo needs to reduce emissions

Dear God, Just occasionally amongst confusion of fake news, you find a gem. The gem is cause of huge areas of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. It came from wonderful ABC RN Science Show, interviewing Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, University of Queensland. In

We want our history to be complete

The editor of the SGST states that there are no statues of Hitler in Germany. The editor also suggests that we should go out and tear down McMillan’s cairns. That argument is being promulgated in USA to justify tearing down Confederate statues. History shows

Loving livestreaming

How good to be able to tune in to a livestreaming of a Bass Coast Shire Council meeting. If you miss one, it will subsequently be put up on the council website, basscoast.vic.gov.au/about-council/council-meetings. If you are particularly interested in an issue, you can watch

Total mess, he says

CEO no idea, administrators don’t know. South Gippsland Shire is now worse than before councillors were sacked. $2m business help that was put on table some seven weeks ago – administration have no idea how to implement it, inside people have told me. Working

Almost $400k in contingency costs

Three tender projects were presented to the [Bass Coast Shire] councillors’ meeting 17 June 2020. Total project costs: • Pioneer Bay Drainage Improvement Project cost $3,817,367. • Demolition of Cowes Cultural and Community Centre cost $265,630. • Wonthaggi Railway Station Extension and Glazing cost

They’re not ‘whinging farmers’ now – SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT

By Michael Giles THERE are so many variables for farmers, from the weather, to the prices they can expect for their produce, and everything in between, including supplementary feed costs, fertiliser, fuel and all the rest, that there’s rarely a time when they can