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Council needs to slash rates now

Congratulations to the South Gippsland Shire Council administrators on their decision to mothball the proposed 2020-21 budget due to the coronavirus situation. The uncertainty and financial impact should be shared through the community including throughout our council. Council must be working on it but

Abortion worse than coronavirus

You might like to do some serious research into these deaths which don’t include murders and many other causes of death. Sadly, those who are said to die from the COVID19 are not easily categorised into “die with COVID19″ and “die from COVID19”. The

Inverloch ANZAC Day service cancelled

As President of the Inverloch RSL Sub-branch, it is with great sadness I have to advise that there will be no 2020 ANZAC Day services in Inverloch in line with government guidelines addressing the COVID-19 threat. It is sad because of the outstanding community

SG Water accused after Cape storm

I struggle to articulate my frustrations and disgust regarding the deplorable state of the stormwater system at Cape Paterson. These struggles are further heightened by South Gippsland Water’s apparent inability to care sufficiently to ensure that their infrastructure that can cope with the frequent

Be kind to each other!

Sentinel Times comment THERE’S so much coming at us from every angle at the moment it’s hard to comprehend what it all means. And we’ll try not to add to the confusion. But we’ve simply got to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Social distancing

Working together to support women

On Saturday, March 14, ninety women and five men from the length and breadth of Bass Coast and beyond, joined the Bass Coast Community Foundation to celebrate International Women’s Day, and the launch of a special fund to support Bass Coast women and their

Zero rates called for in crisis

We are in the midst of an emergency crisis, which according to expert economists could be as dramatic as the great depression and lead to up to 20 per cent unemployment. This is likely to go on for at least 18 months. Businesses and

Pelicans to self-isolate

Re Sentinel-Times article. Dad (Jack Legg) showed me this story in the local rag, he laughed. He is an old fisherman from San Remo and Cape Paterson. He has told us years ago that all pelicans head into central Australia for breeding. This may

Panic buyers urged to ‘relax’

The sky is falling, it’s the end of the world. We are running out of food and toilet paper… we are all gonna die with soiled bums! No, no, no stop it, just stop it! The best thing we can all do at the

Time to spend up and support local

Sentinel Times Comment THE federal government wants us to all go out and spend the $750 to help the Aussie economy bounce back. But if it’s all spent on toilet paper and hand sanitisers with the major supermarkets, then we’re doomed anyway. It’s time

Don’t shoot the messenger

Reply to Rod Gallagher’s letter of March 11, 2020. Three degrees increase in average global surface temperature by 2030 is just one of many possible scientific models for climate change, Rod. The Bureau of Meteorology uses a number of different models to assist its

Just finish the job, shire

In the land of Oz, we have a way of making engineered things more complicated than they need be. In last week’s issue of the Sentinel-Times, there was a story on page five highlighting the lack of footpaths in Inverloch. One mentioned was Ullathornes

Newhaven skate plan disappoint

Disappointment with council’s determination to create a regional (?) skate park within Newhaven’s Richard Grayden Memorial Park intensifies by the day. The BCSC Skate Park Strategy states the characteristics of a regional level park. With the San Remo proposal being aborted, the BCSC News,