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Economy can spring back with your support

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT IT’S been tough for business during the COVID-19 restrictions, but as we saw at the weekend, the coastal communities in particular can spring back quickly as the restrictions ease. Of course, when the vaccine arrives, there’s no reason why we can’t get

Following in his brothers’ footsteps

To mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the federal government released a Commemorative Medallion and Certificate of Commemoration in July this year for all living veterans of that conflict. The medallion and certificate are a small but meaningful

Lack of direction, he says

The South Gippsland Shire Council under the direction of the Andrews’ government-appointed administrators appears to be suffering the same malaise – no responsibility and government by committee as the government. The Andrews’ government, wishing to hide from accountability for the hotel quarantine debacle appointed

We want answers, not garbage

Why are two state government charges imposed – the Landfill Levy and the EPA’s Landfill Site Monitoring – and included into our kerbside garbage charge? How much money has council paid to the state government for the Landfill Levy for each year over the

Here are the facts

Reply to Steve Findlay’s article in denial of climate change (Letters, Sentinel-Times, November 17): If you wish to research climate change Steve, then you need look no further than Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). The BOM has archives of standardised weather data from all

Tell us about the impact of more social housing

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT IT was an extreme case no doubt, but several years ago, when the Department of Housing relocated a family with specific needs out of the Latrobe Valley to Leongatha, local police allegedly advised them not to do it. The result was significant

Hot and sweaty face masks

Waiting for a considerable period at roadworks on the Bass Highway about 10 kilometres south of Leongatha recently, I was struck by the absurdity of the poor traffic controller clad in heavy work gear, hi-vis vest and shrouded in a face mask in 32C

Inverloch Remembrance response ‘humbling’

It is once again I write with pride at Inverloch’s response to Remembrance Day. The efforts the community makes to these events is humbling; the Wednesday response built on the fantastic efforts of the Inverloch Kongwak Primary and 1st Inverloch Scout Group. This year

Concerns over quarry expansion

Presently, a submission is pending with Bass Coast Shire Council for the sand quarry (run by Dandy Premix) opposite Deep Creek Road in Grantville to double production over the next few years. This proposal involves expanding and deepening their current pit and opening another

Poem to poppies we can’t forget

Hello all at the SGST. My husband and I read your paper and on page 33 recently there was an article on Remembrance Day and the poppies. We, being the age we are, can remember all of it as told to us by our

Only buy poppies from authorised sellers

The Wonthaggi RSL has been advised that a lady is, or has been selling, Remembrance Day poppies in the Wonthaggi industrial estates. While the poppies are genuine RSL, the lady is not an authorised seller of the Wonthaggi RSL, nor is she authorised by

A climate change denier’s opinion

Gotta admire the commitment of those putting forward the petition for South Gippsland Shire Council to declare a climate emergency. But saying things over and over like “dangerous climate change”, “climate change is now beyond doubt” and “the evidence…”, etc, doesn’t make them facts.

Council must benchmark our shire for success

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT WE know from the feedback we receive on social media and our own website that the general community has only a passing interest in politics, especially the politics of local government. Certainly, everyone could tell you Donald Trump lost the US election,