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How interested are you in the next council?

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT THERE’S no shortage of interest in the news whether it’s the latest celebrity dirt, minor disaster and other distraction. But people consume their news differently these days, spending no more than a few seconds scrolling down their news feed for items that

Better access

Disability. Bass Coast will set the standard so that everyone can get to the best seats, the water’s edge and the amenities they deserve. I have been chairperson of council’s Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee (AIAC) for four years. The committee has overseen some

Fragile dunes

Even casual observers must be alarmed at the perilous state of sand dunes from Cape Paterson to Harmers Haven, and no doubt beyond. Whilst there is some validity that dunes ebb and flow, the extent and rapidity of current impacts should alarm even the

No treachery

No one should doubt that a free press is a cornerstone in protecting the open and vibrant democracy we enjoy in Australia. And our local independent newspapers play a pivotal role in keeping the local community informed on all aspects of community activity. News,

Supporting local

At last we can see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! During the COVID-19 restrictions, much mention has been made of our local small businesses suffering due to lack of tourism and holiday trade, made worse by coming after the fire season

Why is it taking so long?

In early August I called for urgent short-term measures to be undertaken to protect Wreck Creek and the adjoining shoreline from further erosion. The need for short-term measures like dune renourishment is essential to buy time until the state government Coastal Hazard Assessment is

Tourism and a time for optimism

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT THERE seems to be a dark divide between the people who blame the state government for our present predicament and those who say now is not the time for recriminations. With the prospect that regional Victoria will begin to open up appreciably

Shire did return communication

Contrary to a statement in Mr Amor’s letter, September 8, the shire DID return communication to me after I had noted an objection. Yes, there are still issues, but lack of communication was not one of them for me, or for at least one

Thank you, Gippslanders

I wish to take this opportunity, as I did in in Parliament last week, to both thank and praise my constituents in Gippsland South for their diligence and patience in adhering to the incredibly difficult lockdown conditions we have all had to endure this

Cloak of secrecy?

Alarm bells should be resounding in each residence throughout BCSC (Bass Coast Shire Council). Why? Mr Griffin has criticised the council’s “new governance rules for stopping the automatic recording of councillor votes in minutes” – and RIGHTLY SO! (War of words erupts – Phillip

Pool, not Cultural Centre

Re Judy’s Lawrence letter to the editor in support for the cultural centre (Advertiser, September 2), I am so sorry that she is distressed. I am pleased that the nominated candidates Ms Barlow and Mr Bauer have voiced their opinion on the demolition of

Scrutiny goes with the territory

What a pity some Bass Coast councillors took criticism from the local ratepayers’ group so personally, as reported in the Sentinel-Times last week. Whilst Cr Rothfield can rightly claim that the current group of councillors has performed better than their predecessors, it has to

Bruce Kent stands again

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bruce Kent. My wife Jenny and I have a family that includes our four children, their partners and six grandchildren. We moved to Bass Coast in 2010 to follow a career opportunity, and we have not