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Failed to drive council’s agenda

By Michael Giles NOT everything about the South Gippsland Shire Council is bad. Importantly the shire’s ratepayers are well served by one of the most committed and motivated staff you’d hope see in local government, with a liberal sprinkling of local people who love

Silence on ragwort

Silence is golden and so are the hills. The brazen colour of ragwort. The terrifyingly established perennial Yellow Peril. This evening’s sunset has lit up the hills like a golden avalanche. A serious case of jaundice. I’m jaundiced. I’ve had enough of govt. departments

Time to make a difference on climate change

Almost every time I look at a newspaper, including, of course, the Sentinel Times, there is mention of climate change. I’m not sure whether I should rejoice that the importance of this issue is eventually being recognised or I should be alarmed as this

Housing wastage

I was saddened recently to see a giant digger turn up at 20 Radovick Street and totally demolish a 100 year old weatherboard house without any prior notification to the public or to other possible interested parties. Queries to the South Gippsland Shire Council

What a night!

I was lucky enough on Saturday night, January 12, to experience one of Australia’s greatest entertainers with James Morrison and band performing at the Wonthaggi Arts and Entertainment Centre. Here was a performer known as a brilliant trumpet player here in Oz and also