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More new candidates needed for South Gippsland

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT THERE’S been no official announcement yet, but make no mistake, there’s a lot of action going on behind the scenes in preparation for the return of an elected South Gippsland Shire Council in October 2021. A number of names are being bandied

‘F’ for hotel quarantine

Very political piece by our editor about the wish for this last circuit breaker lockdown to be the last. Good enough to be an opinion piece in a Murdoch publication with its use of slanted statistics, innuendo and the editor’s political leanings. Federal government

Thank you to all assisting with storm and flood recovery

As Gippsland faces yet another ordeal, I am reminded again just how lucky I am to be the local MP for such an amazing community. I have been overwhelmed by the passion and generosity of the people of Gippsland who continue to support one

Jobs and zero emissions for Gippsland?

Local MP Danny O’Brien used an old stock photo to snipe at the “renewable energy zones” being developed for Victoria, including Gippsland (‘Answers needed on renewable energy zone: MP’, Wednesday, June 16, page 23). If one of our many large wind turbines in Gippsland

Pool questions

The nine sitting Bass Coast councillors are asked to make a decision on accepting the proposal on the Bass Coast Aquatic Leisure Centre Redevelopment Feasibility Study, which will have a great impact on the total Bass Coast community, the question is are the nine

Rate reduction rejected

33,020 ratepayers were asked to comment to the draft 2021/22 Bass Coast Council budget. A submitter requested: ‘Councillors to review, explain and revise this draft budget to set an average rate rise at 0 per cent or 0.5 per cent or $50 per each

That must be our last lockdown!

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT THERE is so much that’s political about Australia’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, too much. And it’s costing us ‘the punters’ very dearly. For one, you’re not even allowed to say that while there have been 910 deaths from coronavirus in Australia,

Brilliant cast

Mamma Mia – what a fabulous show. COVID killed it last year, this year the storm hit and no power created more problems. Ring ring and we were told we won the ticket lottery and what a bunch of Super Troopers! The cast was

Generous support

I would like to sincerely thank members of your community for their generous support of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. More than 4600 Victorians have already signed up to host Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event in 2021 to help people affected by cancer. Our amazing

Concern about council secrecy, costs

The minutes of the recent Audit Committee Meeting, held on March 8, 2021, reveal some extraordinary events which are of deep concern to me. The extreme secrecy coupled with the attendance of an unusually large number of non-committee members, some of whom addressed the

Private debt versus government debt

There have been a lot of arguments put forward by various people in and around the Bass Coast Shire Council that by borrowing funds the Bass Coast Shire Council is saddling our kids with a lot of debt. This is simply not true and

Ratepayers should make their own decisions

I refer to the letter, ‘Shire election concerns’ by Jim Fawcett, Your Say column, 8th June. It is disappointing that Jim Fawcett, former South Gippsland Shire Mayor and Councillor, has bagged the sacked council, in particular Don Hill and Andrew McEwen, who were serving

Still welcoming our visitors when we can

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT THE operators of the community vaccination centre in Wonthaggi asked the Sentinel-Times last Friday to issue a warning to visitors not to try to get their vaccinations locally. It seemed a fair request, responding to a situation at the facility during the