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Clearing the air after an election

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT IT’S been a long campaign and many people will just be looking forward to “getting on with it” regardless of what they made of the result. We’ve hopefully got some clear air ahead of us now, notwithstanding the way COVID-19 is continuing

Grantville quarry concerns

The destruction of 13ha of native bushland is too high a price to pay for progress. True progress is a government that invests in technologies and strategies to reduce our reliance on extractive industries to meet our construction needs. Jillian Staton, Tarwin Lower.

Looking for tigers

Have you seen a Tasmanian tiger in the past year in the South Gippsland catchment? Please call Michael on 0434 904 944. I am an independent searcher/researcher. Michael Moss, Rivervale.

Shire contradicts itself

In reading the agenda for this week’s Bass Coast Shire Council meeting, I came across what seems to be a glaring inconsistency. At April’s council meeting, a notice of motion (F2) to redesign the Anderson St car park redevelopment in Cowes and save three

Integrity and climate change

Whoever our elected leaders are, they should possess integrity and they should all be working towards improving the future of ordinary Australians. Everyone knows that climate change is already challenging the lives of many ordinary Australians and we haven’t exceeded a 1.5C increase in

Rethinking electric vehicles

So, you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle as your next car – as we should. First let’s get all the EV subsidies/incentives off the table and have a level playing field. Like ‘em or not, we are paying for them. Furthermore, those

No consultation over parental leave

Reading Ali Wastie in the Herald Sun (‘One super move would narrow gender pay gap, May 12, 2022) I have several questions. As CEO of Bass Coast Shire, are you a ratepayer of Bass Coast? Have you consulted with local ratepayers before implementing your

Back-slapping aside, where’s the plan?

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT AUSTRALIA is ranked 95th in the world for COVID-related deaths per million, at 275/mil compared to the likes of Japan, with its cultural acceptance of masks, at 233 and a super risk-averse New Zealand at 128 deaths per million better placed. But

Quarry concerns

Like so many others, I was shocked and devastated by the approval reported in last week’s paper. It appears that the concerns of council, environmental groups, the Wettenhall Report on the dangers to Western Port and the community have been disregarded. However, I was

Question over censorship

Anonymous government spooks intercepting and censoring private communications between citizens and elected representatives is the type of behaviour you’d expect from totalitarian governments like those in China, Russia, or North Korea. But alarmingly, this anti-democratic and un-Australian behaviour is occurring right now and right

Have we gone too far?

SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT I THINK you’ve just got to ignore the ‘woke BS’ where you can. But it does go too far at times. We saw the reaction to the first transgender athlete’s win in an NCAA swimming championship in the United States last month.

Residents must be aware

All Bass Coast residents should familiarise themselves with the Draft Bass Coast Statement of Planning Policy and Proposed Landscape Planning Controls developed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). The documents purport to set planning boundaries, development guidelines and population figures

Preserve Cape Paterson

When the Premier announced the Bass Coast Distinctive Areas and Landscapes (DAL) process, he promised “a re-elected Andrews Labor Government [would] permanently protect … the for “grossly expanding” Cape Paterson’s northern boundary. Fortunately, the DAL process gives the Premier the chance to deliver on