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Phillip Island – not waving, drowning!

WHY is it that all the residential streets in Inverloch are sealed, with kerb and channelling and tidy nature strips where Phillip Island’s are not? Why is it that Inverloch’s expansion appears to be well-planned, contained and with a better quality of housing while

Rate reduction a missed opportunity

It’s history now that the South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC) chose to not honour the earlier commitment to the 3% rate reduction that could have laid the foundation for the sought-after return of confidence in the administration. You haven’t been told, that for many,

Who let the dogs out?

I am writing to address the increasing incidents of dogs attacking other dogs on leads in public places in Wonthaggi district. My two small dogs were recently attacked by a large dog jumping out of the open window of a van outside Paws Galore.

Rates are rising, yet $5m surplus

So South Gippsland Council’s newly appointed administrators have increased our rates to the maximum permitted. I guess there wasn’t a lot of time to get on top of everything but still, our council has a budgeted surplus of over $5 million! Also, many contend our

Eat more meat, says Melina

Members of Parliament are not elected to force diet and lifestyle choices on the Victorian public. The Animal Justice Party’s ‘Meat Free Monday’ motion in Parliament last week was just another calculated stunt from this unrepresentative fringe organisation. This is a group with a

Clear statement needed on rail future

GET real! Returning passenger rail services to South Gippsland would likely cost billions, not millions of dollars. If it ever does happen in our life time it won’t have anything at all to do with a group of Melbourne-based railway enthusiasts playing trains on

My apology to ratepayers

To the 400-plus ratepayers who took the time and trouble to sign my petition requesting the council honour (in this budget) the commitment to a 3% rate reduction. The first hurdle was that the Administration staff didn’t find the request clear enough and requested

Trees take time to grow

The editorial of August 6 pleaded business persons’ cause – ultimately a client must leave their car in the sun, walk on hot pavement under hot verandas into any business – even the Plaza! And it will get hotter in the next few years

Disinterested shire locals

Forgive me, but from where I stand this is how I see the recent South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC) rates and budget policies adopted speedily and painlessly by our three highly paid commuting administrators recently. Heartless, self-invested, washing their hands of personal responsibility politicians

Letting nature be your best friend

Rosie Blackmore was an adventurous girl, who was born in our country town. Over 100 years ago, she planted an unusual, tiny Australian Flame Tree seedling in her family back yard garden. Over the following 100 years, it grew into the most grand, unusual

Time for Wonthaggi business to engage in CBD planning

By Michael Giles THERE have been many good ideas put forward at community consultation sessions around the latest draft of Wonthaggi Activity Centre Structure Plan. It’s a plan that’s designed to secure and enhance Wonthaggi’s place as the region’s main service centre for the

Dig themselves out of this hole

I am continually amazed at the lack of upkeep of the streets of Inverloch when I come down to my house. We drive on roads littered with potholes or broken pavement or if we are lucky patches on patches. The council subscribes to Snap

Upside, downside… How lucky can we get?

Gone are our elected Councillors – even though half of them had no role in the alleged misdemeanours. The ‘newbies’ stand accused of making poor decisions in the short time they served us; however; they had little choice but to rely heavily on administrative