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History repeats? Hopefully not

ONE of the first stories I covered at the Sentinel-Times when I started here in 2005 was the imminent closure of the Korumburra saleyards. We all know how long it took to clean the up the site after that final sale and how frustrated

Population the bigger issue

Blimey, I was feeling quite laid back and relaxed until I stumbled upon Jessica Harrison’s recent Letter to the Editor calling for climate action. Suddenly my feelings of melancholy were usurped by a sense of anxiety and stress. You see, according to Jessica, the

Rate differential

I also attended the Rate Challengers meeting at Venus Bay recently. I read Guy Blaauw’s response with interest. I agree with him that there is a notable lack of any acceptance of the concept of cost control. I was astounded to learn that ratepayers

Insects, who needs them?

Two years ago, roughly speaking, I presented an environment question to the South Gippsland Shire Council; and not for the first time. Yesterday, February 11, while listening to the radio I heard a disturbing announcement; “If the world society continues to impoverish our environment,

Not doing enough

This summer parts of Australia have had a foretaste of the extreme weather events that are predicted to increase in severity and frequency if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced. Even along the Bass Coast we are seeing accelerated coastal erosion and a January