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Phillip Island needs a pool

IN TOUGH economic times, recreational facilities are under the microscope both in the South Gippsland and Bass Coast shire councils’ budgets. Pools in particular are hot topics with Phillip Island’s dream of having its own public aquatic centre seemingly drifting further away, while the

No problems with bikes at Prom

Clearly D Hanks in his/her letter to the paper on June 25, 2013 has little knowledge about what is being proposed in relation to bike access being restored (yes restored) to two management vehicle access tracks on a mid-winter trial basis on Five Mile

CERT volunteers led the campaign

I have just received a copy of Greg Hunt’s Flinders Community news in my mail and read with interest some of the local issues that Greg has been involved with. It is quite obvious that there is an election in the air, and he

Don’t sell Venus Bay

As per the South Gippsland Shire Council advertisement, I read with dismay the council’s intention to sell off reserves in Venus Bay for what can only be described as little more than a cash grabbing exercise. Whether these land plots be of cultural or

Keen the carbon tax

We have all recently received a pre-election letter from our Federal MP Russell Broadbent.On page one in point form are a number of bold promises. Three of them might be included on anyone’s platform. Two refer to particular initiatives by the Labor Government and

The perils of natural gas

I can’t understand why people in Lakes Entrance and Orbost are so keen to hook up to natural gas, when in just two years’ time, gas prices will probably double or even triple, when Australia starts exporting natural gas from Queensland. How do we

Rural clarification

The article ‘”Rushed” Rural Strategy deferred’, (Sentinel-Times, June 25, page 9) quotes me as saying that I was surprised that no submissions had been received from local water boards. I would like to clarify that this is not the case. I would like to

What next, a beach charge?

Editor Nathan Johnston OK councils, we get it. State and federal governments are shifting responsibilities on to you and the only way you can pay for the delivery of these and existing services is to increase rates and charges. But please, spare us the

No, we cannot trust Canberra

The Commonwealth will attempt to centralise power in Canberra at the local government referendum on September 14, 2013. Julia Gillard and her bevy of bureaucrats want Canberra to control the purse strings of local councils, doing away with the states which provide transparency and

Reith: Not a good sign

The attendance of Peter Reith at the recent Coal Seam Gas protest meeting in Mirboo North should ring alarm bells for all Gippslanders. Why would the notorious Liberal, whose support for strike-breaking firm Patricks and heavy involvement in the fabricated “children overboard” scandal, be

Bikes and parks work well

I read with interest D Hanks’ Letter in the Sentinel-Times regarding keeping bikes off Prom tracks and out of National Parks. He obviously is not a bike rider or has interest in mountain biking. For the record nearly all our official legal mountain bike

No decision made on Prom cycling

In reference to a recent letter about cycling at Wilsons Promontory National Park, there are some points that need to be clarified. Most importantly, no decision has been made on this proposal. The Wilsons Prom Advisory Group are volunteers from a wide cross section

Green waste charges incorrect

During the past five weeks myself and two other concerned Mirboo North ratepayers have been attempting to convince the council that the new green waste charges are based on poor judgement and will be ineffective. Not only will the charges result in environmental damage,