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Will it never end?

On January 20, both the TV and radio proclaimed another environment problem, amongst all the other man-made catastrophes. I had previously decided to refrain from venting my concerns in writing having failed, over many years, to provoke creative activity, even some awareness in the

Government must act on courts backlog

By Michael Giles THERE’S a crisis in the Family Court system. New figures from the Productivity Commission show delays across the family law system are reaching alarming levels, according to the Law Council of Australia. Statistics in the ‘Report on Government Services’, released last

Brink of extinction

The issue of domestic animal management should not be reduced to a discussion on the rights of owners who do not want to leash their dogs. It should include a full consideration of the safety and enjoyment of all beach users, in particular children,

Sunset Strip locals ignored

The voice of the ratepayers is been ignored! What do we have to do to be heard? We need to take action to reduce or completely alleviate this dust pollution problem which is affecting our quality of the air that we breathe. Council could

Shout-out to roadworks crew

Credit where it’s due, Bass Coast Shire Roadworks team. Great job done on the rebuild of the end of White Road. All you deserve the Employees of the Month Award. Considerate to traffic, locals’ driveways and ever so courteous to us homeowners. Thank you.

Inspiring Australia Day celebrations

I attended the Australia Day celebrations at McIndoe Park this year, as usual it was inspiring for those attending. Maybe we are biased but living in Australia, and this part of the nation, it is easy to believe we live in one of the

Island not ‘toast’ thanks to them

By Michael Giles THE heading on the front page of last week’s Sentinel-Times ‘French toast – Island bushfire a logistical nightmare’ was roundly criticised on social media. Given the nature of social media, that in itself need not be defining. But when French Island

Talking wine and wind farms

In reference to your article of December 24, 2019, on Bald Hills wind farm noise. On reading an item about sauvignon blanc in Decanter wine magazine of November 2019, I noticed a photo of a vineyard in the idyllic village of Reuilly in Loire,

Riding from Foster to the Prom

The Council Road Safety group had a survey done of the most pressing cycling infrastructure needs in the Shire. One of the most nominated improvements was to establish a bike trail/path from Foster to the Prom. This path is also a major wish from

Costly fines for dog mistakes

Last year my wife and I had $300 worth of gift vouchers and goods stolen from our property. One of the perpetrators escaped with no penalty, other than being ordered not to get caught again for twelve months. In addition, the offenders were allowed

How good’s Australia?

Isn’t it encouraging that, now the whole country is on fire and people dying, Scomo is now saying he accepts climate change is real? He still blusters that his policies will live up to 26% emission reductions pledged in Paris agreement? When will he

What does Australia Day mean to you?

By Michael Giles PEOPLE coming to Australia from overseas to live here should get lessons in what it means to be Australian. And you know what… so should the rest of us! As we approach Australia Day, on Sunday, January 26, we can all

Skatepark leads to fractured towns

The decision of Bass Coast Shire Council at its December 2019 Ordinary Meeting to target Grayden’s Reserve, Newhaven as its preferred site for a regional skateboard park is a clear example of wedge politics at the local government level. A benefit to some members