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Taking a step back

The trial period for the exclusion of dogs on the beach, 9am to 6pm is apparently over until next December. Several letters to the papers have supported the ban and congratulated the four councillors who engineered the trial. Certainly, on the weekends that I

Best of both worlds at Inverloch?

Today while sorting old magazines and newspapers, I picked up the Sentinel-Times, of April 16, 2013 some pages slipped out. They turned out to be the ‘8 Page Guide’ to the ‘2013 Regional Victorian Living Expo’, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre,

Those memories are fading – Sentinel-Times Comment

As part of a family with a proud military history, Anzac Day should be a special day for me. But in the lead up to every Anzac Day, I find myself more and more isolated. Anzac Day attracts huge crowds but the meaning of

Parks essential for tourism

I read with interest the letter to the editor ‘Caravan parks are a protected species’ in your Tuesday March 18 edition. In response I would like to make a couple of comments. Caravan park owners are local ratepayers and employers of local people and

Roads a ‘bloody disgrace’

It was no surprise to read in the Weekly Times (9/04/14) that the Traffic Accident Commission had provided statistics that the roads in Gippsland had very high fatalities and injuries. The state of the roads, particularly the South Gippsland Highway from Tooradin to Leongatha,