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21st century ideas for rail

Are the South Gippsland Administrators stuck in the past? We have put to the Administrators the concept of using the rail line from Leongatha to Cranbourne and the possibility of creating a 21st century public transport system along the line. The Council seem stuck

Celebrating Australia Day on Invasion Day

We are about to celebrate Australia (or Invasion) Day and the different views about whether it is an appropriate date will be aired again. While there will be many variations in terms of what is said, an important issue is the relevance of this

We easily pay enough rates

F Schooneveldt doesn’t think Bass Coast Shire Council charges enough rates (Letters, January 14). Come to live in San Remo and you pay more, in fact 30 per cent more than suburbs in Melbourne for similar value property! We have property part of 24

And another thing about bushfires

By Michael Giles NOW’S probably not the time for recriminations. Traditionally, the worst month for bushfires in Victoria is February. So, all our efforts at the moment should be concentrated on supporting the absolutely crucial work of firefighters from all agencies, the heavy machinery

Time for action on emissions

Now that the whole country has been on fire for so long, surely it’s time to talk? Can we really afford to allow vested interests to cause any more damage? Isn’t our lack of action really duck shoving our responsibilities onto the little children

Swim between the flags

I just wanted to correct a story published on Page 4 of the SGST on January 7. Story was entitled “Three caught in rip at Venus Bay”. The critical pieces of the story are that the family were swimming at an UNPATROLLED beach, several

Servo benefits outweigh cons

I have lived in Inverloch for the past 10 years and in that time, I have travelled regularly around the South Gippsland region. In that time, petrol has always been 10-15c/litre dearer than towns in our neighbouring Shires. I ask why? For example, this

Don’t blame the greenies

It was annoying to see in a recent letter to the Sentinel [the] spreading [of] the conspiracy theorist claim that “greenies” restricted back burning and are to blame for the devastating fires. This claim collapses when faced with the facts. No “greenies” are in

Everyone can help the bushfire victims

By Michael Giles THE Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said at the weekend that the bushfires in East Gippsland and the State’s north east will not be stopped until we get 200ml of rain or they burn through to the coast or

Big spenders of our money

In Bass Coast Shire’s Annual Report, the expenditure section of the report shows Council has spent $86.934 million of our money for the year ending June 30, 2019. The underlying result of over spending resulted is a yearly loss of $9.55 million (see page

Don’t tell us how to vote

The on-line Change.org petition asking the Premier to return democracy to South Gippsland at the normal council elections of October 2020, can be reached via the link http://chng.it/h22cf9jc. If you google “Return democracy to South Gippsland” it should also come up. Please consider if

Wetlands decision a no brainer

I am writing about your article ‘Council ‘no’ to wetland reserve extension’. What should have been a no brainer or a win/win decision is now a classic stuff-up! A simple lack of innovative long-term thinking seems to have led to the decision by Bass

Supporting our neighbours

I write this as a long-time Gippsland resident (nearly 78 years) as a farmer, businessman and apart from six years, a long-term resident. I bring to your attention of the diversity of Gippsland and how in this lovely part of Australia, that financially there