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Disgraceful lack of action

Here we go again. Noxious weed season in Gippsland.Another appalling year of government heads turning the other way.We live in a dichotomous Nanny State. On one hand there is an abundance of fussy regulations that impinge on people’s rights yet on the other something

The Cobb and Co courier library

Sometime after a review in 2014, the West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation (WGRLC) decided to dump the long-standing south coast mobile library service.This period also coincided with the appointment of a new CEO.The decision was kept secret and was made without a replacement service

Let’s hear from our Federal MPs and candidates

By Michael Giles TO GIVE Daniel Andrews his due, he pretty much ran a 12-month campaign to get re-elected in Victoria, offering largess in key electorates for months and months before the flag officially dropped to start the campaign. So where is the Coalition

Medical hub a godsend

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer last November, I had surgery and then found out I had to have more treatment. I had three months of chemotherapy and then radiotherapy treatment, having to drive to St John of God Berwick, which takes

Are helmets compulsory?

As a regular bicycle rider, I appear to have missed out on the news that bike helmets are no longer required to be worn in Victoria… unless, as I regularly see, it’s only a non-requirement in Inverloch/Wonthaggi. Maybe someone could enlighten me about this.