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Annus horribilis for Local Government

By Michael Giles IT HAS not been a good year for Local Government, not just locally, but across the state and it seems no one, including the Minister for Local Government Adem Somyurek, is prepared to fix it. At the root of the problem

Self-praise for action group

Without exception we South Gippslanders have been praised for the past six months by the South Gippsland Shire Council headed by its temporary acting CEO and its three temporary Administrators from outside this region. We have heard this nonstop as our volunteers, community groups,

Bass Coast short changing us

I was dumbstruck when I read in the SGST of 24/12/2019 that the Bass Coast Shire Council will work within a 2 per cent rate cap set by the State Government. Council CEO Ali Wastie said: “We will continue to deliver our services to

Barking mad restrictions

It’s good to see that Bass Coast Council has its priorities right. I note the sign at the end of the 24-hour off-leash area, reminding us that dogs and their owners are banned from walking on the safest beach in Inverloch after 9am, has

Supporting the local community

In the Woolworths carpark today (Sunday, December 29), at the Whistle end, an elderly lady was parking her car and put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake and the car went up over the concrete rise and hit a gum tree

Keep your head over Christmas

By Michael Giles IF YOU’VE worked hard this year and contributed strongly to your family, community and sporting club; you deserve a break. Put your feet up and enjoy it. You’ve earned it! But what we don’t want to see is other people ruining

Huge patronage growth in rail

Very interesting to read in the December 10 edition of the Sentinel-Times that there has been a suggestion made that with Wonthaggi and Bass Coast’s booming population, there will be a need for rail services (Re: ‘We need rail, they say’). I harken back

Alarm bells ring big time

Cr Les Larke has reported a very alarming financial situation of Council (Sentinel-Times, December 10, Letters, ‘It’s just not sustainable’). Council’s Adjusted Underlying Surplus (or deficit) as a percentage of underlying revenue for Bass Coast is negative 12.34%. The Council’s annual report 2018/19 page

What about building paths?

I refer to the article in the Sentinel-Times on December 3, 2019, regarding “the replacement” of approximately 800m of footpath in White Road at a cost of $317,000, and yet we still have many streets with no footpaths (after more than 100 years of

Show leadership on skate bowl

As an interested ratepayer, I attended the Council meeting on December 11 to observe the level of concern that Newhaven ratepayers have in regards to the Skate bowl saga. I observed a hugely choreographed attendance of pro-skate bowl children and adults egged on by

Liberals release the Christmas Grinch

By Michael Giles ADVERTISING is not a four-letter word. You wouldn’t be watching the cricket on Channel 7 if it wasn’t for advertising. And, conversely, the reason why there’s virtually nothing else on TV these days is also because of advertising, or rather, the

Right to ask questions

The South Gippsland Shire Council is proposing a change to Council Policy C65 – Presentations to Council, which result in an attack on your rights to take part in civic life. That is a right included in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Charter

Traralgon sound shell for us?

The Inverloch Tourism Association (ITA) has successfully worked in collaboration with The Lions Club of Inverloch & District (Lions) and Inverloch Rotary Club (Rotary) in funding and hosting many popular community events. However, it is the view of the ITA that the Sound Shell