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Talking milk prices, activists

SOUTH Gippsland farmers had an opportunity to get better acquainted with the recently appointed president of the United Dairy farmers of Victoria (UDV) at a meeting in Leongatha last week. Paul Mumford of Won Wron, who stepped in the president’s role in December 2018

Trying to get action on weeds in the Strzeleckis

DURING 2018 members of the Mt Worth and Triholm Landcare Groups met to discuss the lack of any progress, despite many years of trying to persuade Agriculture Victoria to take action on landholders who had major weed problems. Personal approaches had been fruitless and

Fingers crossed for a normal season

THE 2018-19 season in Gippsland may have had a touch of unpredictability about it, but small rainfall events and opportunistic plantings of millet and summer crops allowed some farmers to keep grass out of the rotation and locked up for silage. Operations manager Alister

Dairy data revolution

THE Australian dairy industry is on the brink of a data revolution, with new technologies such as genomics, farm automation and sensors generating unprecedented volumes and details of data. The challenge now is to develop tools that enable farmers to make sense of this

Landcare’s important role

SHADOW Assistant Minister for Public Land Use and The Nationals’ Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath highlighted the importance of Landcare following her visit to Korumburra recently. Ms Bath said she is committed to working with community groups such as Landcare to improve