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Boost for young farmers

THERE’S still time to apply for the State Government’s Young Farmers Scholarship program. The government launched the latest round of the scholarships late last month, highlighting a local dairy farmer as a shining example of how the funds can help set up productive and

Improving the health of dairy calves

RESEARCH has identified new opportunities to improve the health and productivity of Australian dairy calves, according to new research. The research findings are based on a survey of more than 100 dairy farmers and the analysis of colostrum, blood and faecal samples collected from 23 farms.

Significant milestone for employment program

THE Gippsland Regional Agrifood Employment Program (GRAEP) has reached a significant two-year milestone of 88 people now in continuous employment. Since April 2017, GRAEP manager Julie Tuhi has been an integral part of that success, supporting job seekers and potential employers through a combination

Plenty of dung to go around

SOUTH Gippsland Landcare Network hosted a dung beetle workshop on Saturday June 29 at the Kernot Community Centre. World renowned dung beetle expert John Feehan presented to over 70 people on how dung beetles can make soil healthier and more productive by interrupting parasite

‘Just keep turning up’

– VFF vice president’s message to women in agriculture MIRBOO North farmer and vice president of the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Emma Germano has spoken out about some of the challenges she’s faced as a woman in agriculture, saying the industry still has a

Got a beef with Latin America

A CQUNIVERSITY project aimed at boosting links between the beef research industries in Australia and Latin America through the implementation of DataMuster automated livestock management system, has been awarded more than $750,000 as part of the Coalition Government’s Global Innovation Linkages program. Led by

Act now to prevent milk fever in ewes

HYPOCALCAEMIA, more commonly known as milk fever, is a deficiency of calcium in the blood, with cases in pregnant ewes expected at this time of year. It may be prevented by adding a calcium supplement, or by giving dry roughage to sheep on lush

Making farming dreams come true

By Kirra Grimes THE State Government launched the latest round of its Young Farmers Scholarships last week, highlighting a local dairy farmer as a shining example of how the funds can help set up productive and profitable agricultural careers. Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes

Transporting livestock safely

NEW animal welfare signage reminding producers, agents and transporters that livestock must be ‘fit for transport’ will soon be in place at all Victorian saleyards and livestock scales. Agriculture Victoria has developed the signs to remind all parties across the livestock supply chain about

Experts line up for climate risk talks

WHAT do you get when you put climate change researchers, meteorologists, lawyers and farmers in a room together? Answer – an incredible conference. It was a full house at the 2019 Climate Risk in Agriculture Conference at the West Gippsland Arts Centre in Warragul

Showroom clearance!

JSL LIGHT Engine repairs are updating their Leongatha showroom, and everything within the four walls has to go before June 30! Literally everything in their Leongatha showroom must be sold, offering everything at one off, clearance pricing. “We are updating our showroom to keep

Shaping the future of dairy

By Kirra Grimes SOUTH Gippsland farmers say a national plan to create a brighter future for the dairy industry should prioritise efforts to increase understanding of the costs of dairy farming and the value of its products. The need to improve education and awareness

Sustaining our farmers

By Tom McNish TIMES have always been tough on farmers but for multi-generational farmers like Andy Thomas, he knows that something has got to give. The Thomas family has been farming in Krowera for over 100 years. Andy’s father Jack farmed cattle there from