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Beware of nitrate poisoning

WITH the ongoing drought and dry seasonal conditions there is a heightened risk of nitrate poisoning in livestock. When an animal is poisoned by nitrate, the ability of its blood to transport oxygen is reduced. As a result, an affected animal will have difficulty

Ups and downs for hot crop

SNOW peas from South Gippsland are in big demand at the moment, as supermarket customers seek to make salads and enjoy the outdoor life. And there’s nothing better than some crisp, cool snow peas to add some refreshing summer bite to your salad. The

Reducing emissions one step at a time

A STATE government report has shown agriculture to be one of the biggest climate emissions contributors, but the Bass Coast Landcare Network (BCLN) say that the adoption of new practices in the industry will see a change in the future. In 2017, the agriculture

Bimbadeen’s positive outlook above and below the ground

FARMING with practices that could help reduce climate change, the Davie’s Bimbadeen farm and its rotational grazing with a focus on improving soil carbon has yielded award-winning produce and carbon neutrality. Well known around Gippsland for their innovative programs above and below the ground,

Gippsland food on the rise

SOME of Melbourne’s leading figures in the food industry say Gippsland is on a path to becoming the next big thing for food tourism in Victoria. This year’s edition of The Good Food Guide was recently released and included two Gippsland restaurants, Hoggets Kitchen

Restockers active at first Leongatha lamb sale

PRICES for well grown lambs reached $160 at the Leongatha VLE Saleyards last Wednesday as the local lamb season got underway. But there was competition from restockers for undersized lanmbs and in the end as many as 50 per cent of the lambs offered

Farmers gain protections in mandatory dairy code

FARMERS will be protected by a slew of measures to improve transparency and set minimum standards of conduct in milk supply agreements under the dairy industry’s new mandatory code of conduct, to come into force from January 1, 2020. The final code, unveiled in

Hay mate, it’s been great

WHENEVER you talk to visitors to the local area, especially those from East Gippsland and further afield, they never cease to be amazed at the magnificent state of the farming country in this area. And the number of bales of silage and hay in

White cow named on farm best

THIS is not the Melbourne Royal but winning the Leading Edge Genetics on farm challenge for the best commercial dairy cow in the region is better in some ways. And it was a delighted White family of Leongatha; Les and Diane, together with Russell

Brown’s Fertilisers – fast, accurate blends

GIPPSLAND farmers are benefiting from a significant investment at Brown’s Fertilisers in Leongatha that is delivering more accurate blends, more quickly. General manager Conal Wills said the full-service fertiliser business had rolled out computer-operated blending machines to blend and dispatch products “exceptionally fast and

Underground profits that could change the climate

CARBON sequestering is a simple yet powerful way that’s enabling Gippsland farmers to enhance their farm’s productivity and receive a range of financial benefits. The benefits of Carbon Farming were discussed by Landcare, with scientists and a field full of keen to learn local

Predicting fertility of dairy cows a game changer

AGRICULTURE Victoria research scientists have developed a model that can predict how likely a dairy cow is to conceive to first insemination with up to 77 per cent accuracy. The world-first research combines mid-infrared spectroscopy (MIR) – which shines an infrared light through cows’

Beef and sheepmeat prices to remain strong

WHILE African Swine Fever continues to grip the global animal protein sector and pull down overall sectoral growth, Australian beef and sheepmeat prices are set to remain strong in 2020, according to Rabobank’s Global Animal Protein Outlook 2020. Bringing uncertainty to all markets, however,