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Thirsty Burra Foods to hit 300 litres

BURRA Foods aims to handle around 300 litres in the new milk year and has made a strong bid to boost supply with “a strong opening milk price of $5.60 per kilogram milk solids for the 2015/16 season”. Grant Crothers, Burra Foods Chief Executive

Roughage in winter

Dr Jeff Cave, District Veterinary Officer, DEDJTR ROUGHAGES are the bulky feeds that are considered as being high in fibre and low in energy. The common types of roughages for most livestock are pasture grasses and other grazed forages; hay and dehydrated forages; silage

Focus on feeding

A FOCUS Farm field day at Toora North last week took some of the focus off Dan and Cindy Knee and put it on dry and transition cow feeding. Tarwin Veterinary Clinic’s Peter DeGaris was the guest speaker at Thursday’s event, which saw around

Starting a dairy from scratch

AROUND 160 farmers and service providers attended a field day run by Debenham Australia at the Hibma and Vera dairy farm in Denison last Tuesday. This was the fourth in a series of best practice field days organised by the company in recent years.

Tagging rules being flouted too often

VENDORS sending livestock to saleyards will face stiff fines if animals leave their properties without National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) tags. The NLIS enables livestock to be identified and tracked which helps protect the reputation of Victoria’s livestock industry as a supplier of top

Growing trees cost effectively

MORE than 30 local landholders recently attended an information session at Mark Walters’ property east of Loch to explore the different techniques available for planting trees. Mark gave a presentation on what he has achieved through revegetation. This includes shelter for livestock and habitat

‘Legendairy’ work in and out of the classroom

MORE than 60 excited secondary school students were recognised at a Cows Create Careers – Manufacturing presentation day, held last week. Marist-Sion College claimed the program’s overall $500 school prize, while the winning team was Delicious Dairy Debut (Elliah Candappa, Mikayla Gardiner, Sarah Hatherall

Topping the dairy genetics charts

GIPPSLAND is home to some of the best dairy herds in the country, with several herds ranking in the top 5 per cent in Australia for their breed, based on genetic merit for profit, which is expressed as the Balanced Performance Index (BPI). In

Partnerships from paddock to plate

VICTORIAN producers will be supported to work together to market their produce, grow our local industries and boost exports thanks to the State Government’s new $20 million Food Source Victoria program. Minister for Agriculture, Jaala Pulford, officially unveiled Food Source Victoria on Thursday night

Joan a champion for Landcare and women

LANDCARE in Victoria has paid tribute to the significant contribution made by the late Joan Kirner AC in bringing communities together to tackle local environmental issues. In the 1980s Joan Kirner, then Minister for Conservation, Forests and Lands, joined forces with Heather Mitchell, then

Local bacon is the best

NADINE and Clive Verboon’s stall is a popular destination for flavour hunters at farmers’ markets around the region and beyond. It’s only a short trip to the Coal Creek Farmers’ market for them from their farm at Wattlebank where their happy pigs, cows, steers

Toora milk factory ready to ramp up

IT’S full steam ahead for the ViPlus dairy factory in Toora. Contractors are about half way through stage one of the plant’s grand expansion. Contractors with Kubale Constructions are adding on a huge 4000sqm warehousing space. The warehouse will initially hold raw milk powder

Ryegrass persistence an issue?

WITH perennial ryegrass being the cornerstone of our dairy systems, it is no surprise that there is a lot of emphasis on its persistence. Ideally, you would sow a pasture once and never need to sow it again. Unfortunately, that is not reality. There