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Crazy About: BEES

By Anne Tindall What made you crazy about Bees? I HAVE always been interested in bees for some reason. I actually like them for several reasons. I was interested in raising bees, I like how they live. I like them for the environment and

Discussion group’s northern exposure

VISITS to some of northern NSW’s leading dairy and beef farms were among the highlights of a four-day agricultural tour organised by Notman Pasture Seeds in late January. A group of 17 dairy farmers from West and South Gippsland toured Neal’s Dairy on Oxley

How much concentrate?

MANY farmers will be looking to purchase additional feed to make up for the shortfall in home grown feed. The purchased feed needs to be cost-effective, so deciding which feeds to purchase needs to be well thought through. In many cases this season, concentrates

Dairy’s road to recovery

FARMERS looking to bounce back after a tough season are invited to a series of “shed days” being held by GippsDairy and Dairy Australia. The Tactics for Dry Times – Autumn Recovery program will be rolled out across Gippsland in coming weeks, offering farmers

Hardys to farewell Hallston

HALLSTON and Wooreen based farmers were out in force at a clearing sale on Friday. Rob and Sharon Hardy have sold their farm and intend to move in to town. On Friday they opened the paddocks to farmers, and in many cases friends, looking